The Edmond Sun

February 5, 2013

Memorial students play virtual stock market

Patty Miller
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Edmond Memorial High School juniors Brock Trotter, Ryan Nielsen and Kristine Johnson are losing and gaining thousands of dollars each day as they play the Stock Market.

The digital world of the teenager has taken a turn where the road actually leads to learning how to buy and sell stocks much like their parents do. When the students lose $50,000, no worries, they pick up their iPhone and make it back. The difference is the students’ money is virtual.

Ryan said he started playing Stock Market Millionaire but when his friends started playing Stock Wars he switched over to the game also.

“My friend Alex Shook, a senior, got me started on Stock Wars and since most of my friends were playing I started playing it also,” he said.

He turned Brock on to the game and then Kristi started playing at the same time.

“I want to major in economics and finance,” Brock said, and I think playing Stock Wars is good practice for my future career.”

Ryan said he started playing because the concept was intriguing to him.

“It is like playing the real stock market without the risks,” Ryan said. “I get to see my mistakes, learn from them and then go out and invest in the real stock market later in life and hopefully be more knowledgeable about how to do it.”

Kristine said her father has always been her role model when talking about saving and making money.

“My dad has always taught me about investments,” Kristine said. “I’m invested in gold right now, so it is fun to take the risks without the fall back. My investment is up $500 right now. I just made some investments in PetSmart and Amazon.”

Ryan said he was down $4,000.

“I spent a lot of money in Smith & Wesson,” Ryan said. “I think the last shooting in Texas wasn’t publicized as much as the first one. I jumped the gun thinking it was worse that what it was. I was just following the pattern of the last shooting and there wasn’t an upswing in gun sales like I had predicted.”

Brock said stocks go up and down and the Stock Market application gives background articles to read as well as graphs to follow.

“Yesterday Jos. A. Bank’s stock went down 19.5 percent,” Brock said. “I had read an article where the company president said there would be a 20 percent loss. So I bought $100,000 worth of stock while it was down drastically, what is called a Bear market. Now it is up 4 percent and I have made $4,000.”

Kristine said she also invested in Jos. A. Bank, but she only invested $20,000.

“I am not quite as big of a risk taker as Brock,” Kristine said.

Ryan said that he invested in Apple and although it sunk into a Bear market later that week he made a little more than $3,000.

“The app is a great training program,” Ryan said.

THE Stock Wars app is free. Go to the App Store and type in Stock Wars to download the game.