The Edmond Sun

September 30, 2013

Edmond area schools receive awards at SHL reception

The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — For teachers at Edmond’s Washington Irving Elementary and Deer Creek’s Rose Union Elementary, the education is not merely reading and math, but ensuring that students have knowledge about caring for themselves and their health as well.

Washington Irving and Rose Union Elementary Schools recently were honored for their dedication to health education by Schools for Healthy Lifestyles. Washington Irving was awarded the Injury Prevention Award, and Rose Union was awarded the Oral Health Education Award at SHL’s Annual Awards Reception. The awards were presented at the reception, which included keynote speaker Danny Cahill, native Oklahoman and winner of the hit television show, “The Biggest Loser.”

Washington Irving Elementary had a success story based on the education one student received regarding preventing dangerous situations. A Washington Irving student recognized a potentially harmful situation when his little sister found a package of lighters left from a birthday party. The child immediately told his mother, and they together took the lighters from the small child. The student points to his education in health class that taught him to never touch matches or lighters and to find an adult right away.  

Rose Union Elementary worked particularly hard all year to promote good oral health. From recruiting their own Adopt-a-Dentist to utilizing oral health education lessons, the school continually worked to make good oral health a priority for all students.  

“All of our SHL schools work hard to make sure our students are learning how to live a healthy and safe lifestyle. The Awards Luncheon is a great way for us to recognize these hard working teachers for their diligence, creativity and commitment to our mission,” said Lindsi Lemons, SHL program director. “Washington Irving Elementary and Rose Union Elementary have truly adopted the importance of good, health education throughout the entire school.”

SHL is a not-for-profit organization formed in 1997 to combat Oklahoma’s declining health status. SHL’s mission is to promote and maintain healthy lifestyles among students, families and educators. Its five focus areas include: physical activity and fitness; nutrition education and awareness; tobacco use prevention; safety and injury prevention and oral health education.

SHL serves 56 elementary schools across the state and partners with more than 50 public and private health-related organizations to accomplish its mission. For more information, visit or contact the SHL office at 606-8435.