The Edmond Sun

October 30, 2013

UCO carries on traditional prayer breakfast

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Community leaders gathered in prayer and friendship Wednesday morning at the 2013 Edmond Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast on the University of Central Oklahoma campus.

Oklahoma Christian University President John deSteiguer shared his spiritual insight about his journey in knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

deSteiguer said God has blessed him with a wonderful family and friends. But sometimes, he becomes discouraged, he said. He finds balance when he listens to the voice of God, he said.

“We have a God with whom there is nothing that is impossible,” deSteiguer said. “We have a God that will come back for us. If you get discouraged because you think whatever is happening is impossible and won’t change. Take heart. Nothing is impossible with God.”

God wants His people to take care of others and to share with others, deSteiguer said.

The event was organized and funded by the Edmond Heritage Alliance Inc., a nonprofit group that supports Judeo Christian values. The prayer breakfast has been a tradition since 1978 when a request was made to then-Mayor Carl Reherman by Jerry Brown and others to bridge a need in the community.

“Traditions are something of value to this community …,” said Charles Lamb, mayor. “They’re kind of a thread of continuity between our generations.”

Deputy County Assessor Larry Stein said the centuries-long tradition of the church handing down the word of God to man shares the basic principals of life from generation to generation.

“Those tenants of treating people fairly and honestly — that’s the best part about it — because when you’re in a room with a group of people like this, you realize we share so much,” Stein said. “And the things that make us different are insignificant compared to the things that make us one.” | 341-2121