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May 11, 2013

University of Central Oklahoma lists Edmond-area graduates

2 graduation ceremonies set for Saturday

EDMOND — The University of Central Oklahoma celebrated the achievements of about 2,092 graduates, including 461 summer graduates, during the Spring 2013 Commencement Ceremonies Friday and Saturday in Hamilton Field House.

Commencement ceremonies scheduled for today are as follows:

• 10 a.m. May 11 — College of Business and College of Fine Arts and Design bachelor’s degree candidates; and

• 2 p.m. May 11 — College of Liberal Arts and College of Mathematics and Science bachelor’s degree candidates.

Graduates and guests attending the ceremonies are asked to arrive early because venue usually fills to capacity. Limited parking west of the field house will be reserved for the elderly and those with disabilities.

All campus parking spaces, except those in the reserved lot to the west side of the field house, will be open during the commencement events for those attending ceremonies.

Guests attending ceremonies without tickets only will be admitted as space is available following the National Anthem.

Those without tickets may view the ceremonies on video monitors located in the south foyer of the field house as space permits.

The ceremonies also can be viewed online at, with live streams beginning about 20 minutes before each ceremony. Those with iPhones and Internet enabled phones using Windows Mobile will be able to view the live webcast of each ceremony on the commencement website, as well.

Prior to the graduation ceremonies, each student is encouraged to attend his or her college reception celebrating and congratulating them on their achievement.

The following list includes Edmond-area graduates:


Graduate degrees

Lacee Bilke, MED, Adult Education-Training

Lenzee A. Bilke, With Honors, MED, Adult Education-Training

Shaden Mohammad Binmorebah, MED, Education-Bilingual Education/TESL

Tiffany T. Brown, MS, Family & Child Studies-Family Life Education

Cody Buchholz, MBA, Business Administration

Caroline Nalani Buersmeyer, With Honors, MED, Reading

Justin Earl Burch, With Honors, MA, History

Angela Burnett, With Honors, MED, Educational Leadership

Jeremy Adam Carey, With Honors, MA, History-Museum Studies

Emelia Siobhan Chrisco, MA, Criminal Justice Management & Administration

Meredith Elise Connor, MBA, Business Administration

Cindy C. Davis, MBA, Business Administration

Leigh Allyson Dudley, With Honors, MA, History-Museum Studies

Katie Ellen Eacret, MS, Family & Child Studies-Family Life Education

Thaer El Manaseer, With Honors, MS, Athletic Training

Virinthorn Eurvilaichit, MA, English-Teaching ESL

Clayton D. Franks, MBA, Business Administration-Accounting

Velisha Mareé Garland, MED, Education Guidance & Counseling

Kristin A. Garrison, MED, Education-Secondary Education

Michelle Croft Gatewood, With Honors, MED, Education Guidance & Counseling

Sheila Elaine Guffey, MED, Education-General Education

Timothy Hansen, With Honors, MED, Education-General Education

Susan Ann Henke, MA, History

Chanel Marie Henry, MED, Education-Secondary Education

Gage Ryan Jeter, With Honors, MED, Education-Secondary Education

Debra L. Johnson, MBA, Business Administration

Casey Michelle Jones, MED, Early Childhood Education

Daniel J. Kurtenbach, MED, Education-General Education

Emerald Dylan Harmony Lessley, With Honors, MM, Music

Christa Lynne Malcolm, MED, Education Guidance & Counseling

Rustin Michael McNellis, MBA, Business Administration

Erin Marie McReynolds, MA, Psychology–Forensic Psychology

Cassy Ann Meier, MS, Nutrition and Food Management

Cregg Parsons Nolen IV, MA, Political Science-Public Administration

Lacey DeeAnn Payne, With Honors, MS, Family & Child Studies-Infant/Child


Tyler J. Reese, MED, Education-Secondary Education

Deborah Kaye Renfroe, MED, Special Education-Mild/Moderate Disability

Jennifer Kathleen Rottmayer, MM, Music

Cheryl L. Sanders, MS, Speech/Language Pathology

Sheila Renee Scott, MED, Instructional Media-Library Information

Heba Mohammed Shaker, MED, Special Education-Mild/Moderate Disability

Mamdouh Ahmed Shouman, MA, Political Science

Arif Jamil Siddiqui, MED, Adult Education–Interdisciplinary Studies

Courtney Smith, MS, Nutrition and Food Management

Lindsey P. Smith, With Honors, MED, Education-General Education

Lindsey Elliott Speligene, MED, Education Guidance & Counseling

Kristi S. Thompson, MS, Forensic Science

Gertha Maudean Wakefield, With Honors, MED, Educational Leadership

Katie Marie Warner, MBA, Business Administration

Mark Michael Wissler, MS, Applied Mathematical Science-Mathematics

Candice Wood, MS, Speech/Language Pathology

Rui Zhang, MS, Applied Mathematical Science-Computer Science

Julie Marie Zimmerman, MED, Education-Secondary Education



Undergraduate degrees  

Lauren A. Albright, BS, General Studies

Tyra D. Aldridge, BS, Accounting

Mohammed Saleh Alibrahim, BS, Industrial Safety

Andrew Tyler Allen, BS, Accounting

Ginger L. Allison, Cum Laude, BBA, Management

Abdulaziz Ayed Alotaibi, BBA, Information & Operations Management–Management Information Systems

Joshua M. Andrews, BBA, Marketing

Angelika Arakelov, BFA, Design-Interior Design

Brandon Cole Asbell, BBA, Information & Operations Management-Management

Information Systems

Sandip Banstola, BS, Biomedical Engineering

Christopher J. Bartenhagen, BS, Funeral Service

Brock Adam Baum, BS, Accounting

Matthew Tyler Beals, BAT, Technology Application Studies

Leah Jordan Beard, BA, Political Science

Miles C. Beard, AAS, Contemporary Music Business

Mitchell Cameron Beard, BSED, Elementary Education

Andrew Z. Beasley, BS, General Studies

Michael Wayne Bell, BBA, Information & Operations Management-Management

Information Systems

Hicham Benhsain, BS, Accounting

Andrew P. Benton, BAT, Technology Application Studies

Amanda Rene Berry, BS, General Studies

Dylan Wayne Billings, BA, Political Science

Raymond William Bowker, BA, Psychology and BBA, Business Administration-

General Business

Adam M. Braly, BA, Psychology

Sherkia Shon Brown, BA, Criminal Justice-General Criminal Justice

Jacob Scott Bruley, BBA, Management-Human Resource Management

Kiara Marie Burdine, BS, General Studies

Alex Graham Burnett, BBA, Information & Operations Management-Management

Information Systems

Angie Caldwell, BA, Mass Communication-Advertising

Sarah M. Campbell, BA, Mass Communication-Interpersonal Communication

Valerie Ann Cargill, BS, General Studies

Maegan M. Castle, BSED, Early Childhood Education

Adam Morgan Chapman, BS, Computer Science-Applied

Barrett George Louis Cid, BS, Computer Science

Randa H. Coffman, BS, General Studies

Kelcey Cameron Cornett, BS, General Studies

Kimberly K. Courtney, BSED, Elementary Education

Jeffrey J. Crouch, BA, Political Science

Joshua A. Darakhshan, BS, Industrial Safety

Justin M. Davis, BBA, Business Administration-International Business

Alexander Dinkins, BS, General Studies

Melinda J. Douglas, BS, General Studies

Taylor Dean Dragoo, AAS, Contemporary Music Production

Daria Grazyna Draszczyk, BA, Psychology

David Ray Dudleson, BS, General Studies

Spencer Douglas Duke, BS, Kinesiology-Exercise/Fitness Management

Brittany Michelle Eddins, BA, Mass Communication-Advertising

Tiffany N. Edwards, BFAED, Art Education

Lexi Sheigh Ellis, BS, Nursing

Cynthia O. Emegano, BS, Chemistry-Health Sciences

Patrick R. Emperly, BS, Biology

Jordan Craig Evans, BS, Biology

Cara M. Fain, Cum Laude, BA, Psychology

David A. Faircloth, BBA, Management

Angel Oshea Fairless, BFA, Design-Interior Design

Chloe Carolee Farmer, BA, Mass Communication-Broadcasting

Christina M. Felarca, Cum Laude, BS, Biology

Margaret Flick, BS, Accounting

Joshua Aaron Ford, Cum Laude, BS, Computer Science

Jack Frisby Jr., BA, Criminal Justice-General Criminal Justice

Stephanie C. Fulmer, BS, Family Life Education-Child Development

Daniel Alexeev Ganchev, BS, Nursing

Sierra George, BBA, Business Administration-International Business

Grant V. German, BBA, Business Administration-General Business

William L. Gilliam, BBA, Information & Operations Management-Management

Information Systems

Daniel B. Gillman, Summa Cum Laude, BA, History-General and BS, General Studies

Mikel Blake Gillpatrick, BBA, Marketing

John Kenneth Gordon, BBA, Business Administration-General Business

Benjamin Salvador Gonzalez, Cum Laude, BA, Political Science

Ashley Michelle Graves, BS, General Studies

Anna Ruth Griffin, BBA, Management

Mary Beth Griffing, BSED, Early Childhood Education

Bryce Matthew Hallam, BBA, Business Administration-General Business

Matthew P. Hamilton, BA, Mass Communication-Organizational Communication

Theresa A. Hammill, BA, English

Jeremy Matthew Hammond, Cum Laude, BS, Accounting

Delara June Hashemi, BM, Music-Wind    

Sara Elisabeth Hawk, BA, Geography

Randy Heinrichs, BBA, Finance

Andrew Wayne Henderson, BS, Engineering Physics-Physics

Isaac Daniel Henry, BS, Kinesiology-Exercise/Fitness Management

Zachary A. Hites, BA, History-General

Savannah Christine Hixon, BBA, Marketing

Lyssa Moore Hoffman, BS, General Studies

Erick Holzhausen, BBA, Finance

Jaren P. Hommen-Roddy, BA, Criminal Justice-General Criminal Justice

Kayla Ann Hoogestraat, BS, Biology

Drake Andrew Housley, BA, Psychology

Crystal Dawn Howard, BA, Sociology-Substance Abuse Studies

Elizabeth B. Howard, Summa Cum Laude, BAED, English Education

Katie Hufnagel, Magna Cum Laude, BS, Nursing

Zachary Adam Hurley, BA, Political Science

Kayci R. Hymes, BS, General Studies

John Toomey Ireland, BBA, Business Administration-International Trade

Reid P. Jackson, BS, General Studies

Jennifer L. James, BBA, Marketing

Tim Aaron Jobes, BA, Mass Communication-Broadcasting

Kyle J. Johnson, BBA, Finance

Anna C. Kennedy, BS, Nursing

Rosa M. Kesner, BA, Psychology

Shayna A. Kindsvater, BA, Mass Communication-Broadcasting

Kaitlin Elizabeth Kinman, BS, Nursing

Tracy D. Koch, BSED, Special Education-Severe-Profound/Multiple Disabilities

Taylor R. Lambert, Summa Cum Laude, BS, Nursing

Kristi S. Leibold, BS, Organizational Leadership

John Lenhart, BS, General Studies

Kathryn D. Letourneau, Summa Cum Laude, BA, Sociology-Human Services

Jeff Hamilton London, BA, Geography

Christopher Dane Lytle, BS, Biology

Michael S. MacDonald, BS, Industrial Safety

Lindsay Kristen MacDurmon, Cum Laude, BS, Speech/Language Pathology

Pamela Ann Mackiewicz, Magna Cum Laude, BA, Philosophy

Rukshanda Majeed, Magna Cum Laude, BAED, History Education

Grimilda G. Mannings, BA, Psychology

Callie Michelle Martin, BSED, Elementary Education

Michael Harry McCown, BBA, Marketing

Telana Victoria McCullough, BA, Sociology

Lauren B. McElvany, BSED, Physical Education/Health

Kelsey Lauren McVay, BS, Nursing

Daley Rae Melius, BBA, Marketing

Donovan Michie, BS, General Studies

Mallorie Nicole Miller, BSED, Early Childhood Education

Me’Lisa S. Miller, BS, General Studies

Rebecca Lynn Mills, BS, General Studies

Sarah Marie Moore, BSED, Special Education-Mild/Moderate Disabilities

Blake C. Morgan, BBA, Marketing

Jeffrey Thomas Morton, BS, General Studies

John Morton, BS, Kinesiology-Exercise/Fitness Management

Ane Joan Muvadgah, Magna Cum Laude, BS, Engineering Physics-Mechanical Systems

Nicholas E. Muzyka, BBA, Management–PGA Golf Management

Cortez L. Newell, BS, General Studies

Lam Quy Nguyen, BS, Computer Science-Applied

Andy V. Nhin, BBA, Business Administration-International Business

Erik Nielsen, BA, Mass Communication-Interpersonal Communication

Amy Elizabeth Niles, AAS, Contemporary Music Performance

Elizabeth Wairimu Njuguna, BS, Accounting

Kellie Rae Oberlander, BBA, Management-Human Resource Management

Melanie M. Olivarez, BBA, Management

Daniel Ryan Osgood, BBA, Finance

Feng Ouyang, BS, Accounting

Shayla Marie Pearson, BS, Biomedical Engineering

Maria Del Rosario Perry, Magna Cum Laude, BS, Family Life Education-Child


Jacob Penn Persun, BBA, Information & Operations Management-Management

Information Systems

Evan Connor Peterburs, BA, Psychology

Caleb Paul Phillips, BS, Industrial Safety

Kristen Marie Phillips, BSED, Early Childhood Education

Lindsey Kathleen Pope, BA, Mass Communication-Public Relations

Katherine Marie Powell, BS, Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Management

Bryce L. Powers, BAED, English Education

Morgan R. Presley, BSED, Elementary Education

Buffy Aliss Pruett, BS, Nursing    

Katherine Elise Puckett, BS, Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Management

Grant Andrew Redfearn, AAS, Contemporary Music Production

Rachael Renaee Reed, BS, Nursing

Jackie Lynn Roberts, BS, Organizational Leadership

Berkeley Elizabeth Rodgers, BS, Biology

Eric D. Ruhl, BBA, Information & Operations Management-Management Information


Barry K. Runnels, BBA, Finance

Emily M. Sardis, BAED, History Education

Sarah Allison Schiete, Cum Laude, BS, Speech/Language Pathology

Andrew Michael Schmidt, BA, Criminal Justice-General Criminal Justice

Ashley Megan Schwan, BS, Family Life Education-Child Development

Kasey Mark Scott, Summa Cum Laude, BS, Biology

James A. Seagraves, BBA, Marketing

Sarah Marie Sebert, BA, Sociology-Human Services

Shannon Carter Setticerze, BA, Psychology

Candace Elaine Shanahan, BS, Family Life Education-Child Development

Laura B. Sheppard, BA, Mass Communication-Public Relations

Martha A. Sheriff, Cum Laude, BS, Organizational Leadership

Anna Marie Sherman, BS, Kinesiology-Outdoor & Community Recreation

Sara L. Shipley, BS, Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Management

Jay Silk, BS, General Studies

Tiffany D. Simmons, BAED, English Education

Anita X. Singh, BS, Nursing

Becky Ann Smith, Summa Cum Laude, BA, History-Museum Studies

Jessica Lynne Smith, BBA, Marketing

Zachary Snider, BS, General Studies and BMED, Music Education-Instrumental

Sydney V. Snow, BA, Sociology

Nicole A. Solimano, BA, Political Science

Lauren E. Squires, BA, Psychology

Christopher John Stewart, BS, Engineering Physics-Electrical Systems

Michael Lee Stewart Jr., BBA, Business Administration-General Business

Amy Christine Stradone, BS, General Studies

Garrett Streb, BBA, Finance

Katherine B. Stuart, BA, Mass Communication-Organizational Communication

Charmaine Lagan Sur, BA, Mass Communication-Broadcasting

Katelyn Mallory Swanson, BA, Mass Communication-Public Relations

Kirstin M. Swearingen, BA, Humanites

Kelly Ann Temple, Cum Laude, BFA, Art-Studio Art

Melissa Ranea Thormodsgard, BSED, Early Childhood Education

Carlisle S. Thurmon, BS, Nursing

Lina Trad, Magna Cum Laude, BSED, Elementary Education

Tu Tran, Summa Cum Laude, BS, Accounting

Joanne Marie Travis, Cum Laude, BA, Psychology

Angelo Francisco Trigoso, Magna Cum Laude, BS, Biology

Kylie Grace Tuttle, BFA, Design-Interior Design

Jeffrey Uhls, Magna Cum Laude, BS, Organizational Leadership

Alysia M. Upshaw, BA, Sociology

Bianca A. Vargas, BS, Community Health

Jessica Velasco, BA, Mass Communication-Broadcasting

Mary Ann Voskamp, BA, Mass Communication–Broadcasting

Paul Edward Wallace, BS, Chemistry-Health Sciences

Nick Walters, BBA, Marketing

James Adam Wanner, BS, Kinesiology-Exercise/Fitness Management

Shawna Dawn Ward, BA, Sociology-Human Services

Logan Waresback, BBA, Management

Tarek Wazzan, BBA, Marketing

Adrienne Rachelle Weigel, BS, General Studies

Michael James Weigel, BA, Criminal Justice-General Criminal Justice

Nathan C. Weiss, BS, Mathematics-Applied Mathematics

Lacey Snow White, Cum Laude, BS, Speech/Language Pathology

Stacy Michelle White, AAS, Contemporary Music Business

Rachel Wood, BSED, Physical Education/Health

Matthew Dean Yeager, BA, English

Noel Michaelle York, BS, Mathematics-Applied Mathematics and BSED,  

Mathematics Education

April Marie Zepp, BS, Biology

Jackie M. Zimmerman, BSED, Elementary Education  

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  • Biggest student loan profits come from grad students

    This week, the Congressional Budget Office projected that the federal government would earn roughly $127 billion from student lending during the next 10 years.

    April 19, 2014

  • Dr. Fielding’s variance denied by close vote

    Reverse-angle parking will continue at the 13 N. University Drive office of Dr. Brad Fielding. The Edmond City Council rejected a variance request by the local optometrist to end the city’s pilot project in front of his medical facility.
    Councilman Nick Massey and Councilwoman Victoria Caldwell supported Fielding’s variance request that was dismissed in a 3-2 vote.
    Four parking lines were striped late last year at Fielding’s business after the city opened new bicycle lanes along University. The city cites the safety for bicyclists and motorists who traditionally depart while backing into traffic as the main reasons for introducing reverse-angle parking.

    April 15, 2014

  • Sequoyah Sequoyah names students of the month

    Sequoyah teachers chose the following students as students of the month for being good role models, conscientious students, diligent workers, and respectful individuals

    April 12, 2014 1 Photo

  • OCU planning Earth Day activities

    Oklahoma City University will celebrate Earth Day with events on April 22. The events are free to the public and will be in the McDaniel University Center near Florida Avenue and Northwest 26th Street.

    April 12, 2014

  • Ruff Draft Student newspaper, magazines take top honors at contest

    Ruff Draft, the student newspaper produced by staffs at all three Edmond high schools, recently took top honors in the Oklahoma Scholastic Media competition, which is conducted in coordination with the Gaylord School of Journalism at the University of Oklahoma.

    April 12, 2014 1 Photo

  • Art Show UCO puts the spotlight on design graduates

    The University of Central Oklahoma Department of Design will present “Defeaters of Dull: The Design Senior Show” from 6-8 p.m. April 17 at the First National Center, 120 N. Robinson Ave., Suite 730W, in downtown Oklahoma City.

    April 12, 2014 1 Photo

  • Gala to celebrate global programs

    The University of Central Oklahoma’s Office of Global Affairs will present the International House Night Market Gala from 6-9 p.m. April 18 at the UCO International House, 912 N. Chowning Ave. in Edmond, just north of the main campus.
    Now in its second year, the gala’s 2014 theme is “A Fusion of Art and Cultural Storytelling.”
    Attendees will enjoy dinner, live and silent auctions, entertainment and the presentation of the award for Promoting Cross-Cultural Understanding to Pam Washington, Ph.D., dean of Central’s College of Fine Arts and Design, as well as the recognition of Zhongying Wang, president of Tiptop Energy Production US LLC, as a top contributor to Cross-Cultural Understanding.

    April 12, 2014

  • Oklahoma Christian presents band, orchestra concerts

    The Oklahoma Christian University music department will present its final instrumental concerts of the school year next week.

    April 12, 2014

  • safety 5.jpg 500-plus Edmond students visit safety village

    More than 500 local students have learned about safety from Edmond firefighters in recent days.
    Mid-day Friday, students from Washington Irving Elementary School were at the Edmond Fire Department’s Children’s Safety Village, a child-size, life safety education center where children learn in a hands-on environment. The village is complete with a city park, buildings, streets, traffic lights, a railroad crossing, a water feature and utility-like infrastructure.

    April 11, 2014 1 Photo

  • Edmond student named National Achievement Scholarship winner

    National Merit Scholarship Corporation announced this week the names of about 800 outstanding Black American high school seniors who have won Achievement Scholarship® awards through the National Achievement Scholarship Program. These awards, totaling more than $2 million, are financed by grants from 31 corporate organizations and professional associations, and by National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

    April 11, 2014