The Edmond Sun

February 7, 2013

Sooner Sports Minute: NCAA proposes rule changes

By John Shinn
CNHI News Service

NORMAN — The NCAA is proposing some major recruiting rule changes that it enacted in August would radically alter the process. Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops is one of a growing group of coaches that do not want to see the changes.

The one Stoops specifically spoke against on Wednesday was one that will unlimited phones and texts to recruits starting in their junior year of high school.

“Just being able to text them any time you want. You know how it is in the spring, every school in America is gonna be hitting on everybody,” Stoops said. “Then you’re gonna have your personnel department sitting in the office hitting everybody. I don’t know where it ends.”

The addition of a personnel department that would be allowed to scout players, talk to the them on the phone and on campus is the other rule that’s been proposed.

This rule change would basically allow schools to hire people whose sole purpose is to recruit. There’s a former coach, Barry Switzer, that lives in Norman that could flourish in that job.  

“We don’t have enough time to talk about all the changes that’s gonna bring. It’s gonna be … I might hire Switzer to come help,” Stoops said. “It’s all gonna be different.”

Several coaches said on Wednesday the “deregulation” the NCAA is proposing is too radical. Ohio State coach Urban Meyer railed against recruits receiving unlimited mail from schools.

"Bad stuff," Meyer said on Wednesday. "That's stuff that we're going to have to talk [about], the Big Ten Conference is going to meet and I'm putting together a personal letter to all the coaches in America that I disagree with most of it. I would imagine not many people who have recruited wrote those [rules].

“That’s my question: Who comes up with that? Have they actually got in a car and went and recruited sophomores in high school? Think about this for a second — unlimited mailings and you can mail them whatever you want. Take a deep breath and whoever said that, put that in motion, could you imagine what's going to be rolling into kids' driveways?”

The changes are set to go in place on Aug. 1.