The Edmond Sun

December 9, 2012

Bulldogs top Huskies for Edmond Open championship

Chris Brannick
Special to The Sun


The Edmond Open Championship wrapped up Saturday afternoon with an all-Edmond final featuring the Edmond Memorial Bulldogs and the Edmond North Huskies and it would be the Bulldogs who prevailed, using a first-quarter lead to control the game.

“Mostly we know that we have confidence in defense,” Memorial head coach Shane Cowherd said. “We’re built upon five guys working together.”

“We didn’t really execute well,” Edmond North head coach Steven Goss said.

The first quarter was a display of stars as Jordan Woodard from Edmond Memorial matched talent with Carlbe Ervin from Edmond North. Woodard scored 14 of the Bulldogs' 18 points and Ervin eight of the Huskies' 10. Woodard’s leadership would push the Bulldogs ahead after the first quarter 18-10.

“Jordan was great,” Goss said.

Quarter number two was a polar opposite from the first. Ervin went one for three from the field and Woodard one of four. The Bulldogs maintained the lead and went to the locker room with a 29-20 halftime lead. Goss said they didn’t want the shootout they got in the first quarter but as a whole they still needed to shoot the ball better.

After the break, the Memorial lead remained the same. Throughout the third quarter each time the Huskies caught some momentum, the Bulldogs took it right back. Going into the final frame, Memorial held a 45-33 lead.

“Jordan had a tremendous impact on the game,” Cowherd said, adding that the senior point guard is the best point guard in the state because he does so well getting his teammates involved. “That’s what is so good about having a complete team.”

All the Bulldogs had to do in the fourth was maintain their lead and all they did was come out and make their first four field goals. Halfway through the quarter the Memorial lead stretched to 15 and the Bulldogs wouldn’t let up. Despite two 3-pointers from Ed Baker, North could not stop the Bulldog offense and Memorial went on to capture The Edmond Open Championship.

Woodard finished with the Memorial team-high 22 points and also grabbed six rebounds. Aaron Young totaled 16 points and Sam Kruetzer added nine.

Ervin led the Huskies in scoring with 17 points, adding four rebounds. Baker scored 15 points including three 3-pointers and David Montgomery added 10 points.