The Edmond Sun

August 30, 2013

Bits and pieces jelling together at Edmond North

Scott Wanish
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Longtime coordinator Scott Burger steps in for his initial head coaching job at Edmond North and is pleased with the way his Edmond North Huskies have been progressing.

“There’s a ton,” Burger stated about his kids making strides over the summer. “We have a lot of kids that can help on both sides of the ball and I’m hoping to get 8-10 plays out of them either way and we’ve got that. There are so many doing well, I’d hate to leave someone out. But, right now, we’re filling in the pieces.”

North has 86 players on the roster and the Huskies seem to be deep at nearly every position, even running back, where near 1,000-yard rusher and 20-touchdown man Michael Farmer exited to play at Santa Fe in July.

Seniors Ezel McIntee and Lindell Tate will have no problem advancing the football in the backfield among others. Landon Roney will also receive carries. McIntee and Tate are also cornerbacks on the defensive side of the ball.

Paving the way up front will be senior tackle Blake Snow (6-0, 230 pounds) and fellow senior Shane Taylor, the two returning starters.

Senior Brandon Moore and junior Stephen McClernon have been battling it out at the quarterback position.

Burger has implemented a quick spread offense and everything is on cue.

“They got the basics, we just need to keep polishing it right now and speed up,” he said. “Whatever the defense allows us to do will be the basis of our offense.”

On defense, no one can ignore the presence of the athletic Dixon triplets in Joel, Andrew and Lance. Known for dominating opponents on the wrestling mat, the threesome anchor the defensive line into the linebacking tier.

“We can’t tell them apart,” Burger admitted. “They all understand leverage, which is good. The can go, they’re good players.”

In the defensive backfield, Miles Jones, Luke Rossi, David Wright and Jake Hobbs have been excelling and they can catch passes as well.

“Pretty much we have good depth on the team,” said Burger. “We’re getting the pieces in the right spots with defense being a little better off.”

Excelling in the offseason is Richard McCully and tight end/defensive end Mark Piatt.

“He is a pretty good athlete and defensive back,” Burger said of McCully. “He will play on both sides of the ball and play H-back.”

Burger mentioned defensive end/tight end Caileb Booze (6-3, 190), Scott Courtney and senior Cameron Lewis.

“I’m anxious,” Burger stated. “Lewis had a great summer at outside linebacker. He had a great camp and worked hard.”

Burger, who came over as a coordinator from Putnam North, finds more responsibility in being the head coach.

“It’s a lot different,” he said. “Obviously, it takes up more time. There are a lot of different things you have to deal with and handle other than being a coordinator. Make sure people are doing the right things and having good assistants makes it easier on me.”

The Huskies will battle Edmond Memorial Friday night at Wantland Stadium. Kickoff is 7 p.m.