The Edmond Sun

August 27, 2012

Central announces summer 2012 graduates

Special to The Sun

EDMOND — The University of Central Oklahoma released the names of 398 graduates for the summer semester from throughout Oklahoma, the U.S. and the world. Of that number, Central received 301 undergraduate applications and 97 graduate applications.

Since Central does not hold a summer commencement ceremony, many of these graduates participated in the spring 2012 ceremony.

Founded as a teachers’ college in 1890, Central considers itself an institution where teaching comes first, and with a 19:1 student/faculty ratio, students can enjoy personal relationships with faculty and staff who are committed to transforming lives.

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Arnold, Rebecca Sue, MED, Educational Leadership


Al-Salman, Zainab Ahmed, MS, Nutrition & Food Management; Bloyd, Gregory William, MED, Educational Leadership; Bloyd, Jill Kathleen, MED, Educational Leadership; Brown, Dominique Jacinta, MS, Athletic Training; Cox, Simon Spencer, MS, Wellness Management - Exercise Science; Ellis, Lindsey Nicole, MED, Educational Leadership; Grinsteiner, Michelle Lea, With Honors, MED, Educational Leadership; Holcomb, Christina Marie, With Honors, MED, Educational Leadership; Hong, Daeyee, MS, Applied Mathematical Science - Statistics; Hughes, Jonathan Ross, MBA, Business Administration; Kim, Boyoung, With Honors, MA, English - Teaching ESL; Kim, Hyun Kyung, With Honors, MA, English - Teaching ESL; Knox, Kathryn Lee, With Honors, MED, Educational Leadership; Korstjens, Kathryn, With Honors, MED, Educational Leadership; Larrison, James William, With Honors, MED, Educational Leadership; Lee, Kyung Hee, MED, Education - Bilingual Education/TESL; Lee, So Jeong, With Honors, MED, Education - Bilingual Education/TESL; Lenhart, Carrie J., With Honors, MED, Educational Leadership; Lugafet, Christine Frances, With Honors, MED, Educational Leadership; McKee, Roni Denise, MED, Educational Leadership; Migdal, Leslie N., MA, Psychology - School Psychology; Mustain, Meredith J., With Honors, MED, Educational Leadership; Nespeca, Mandy Alane, MA, Psychology - School Psychology; Plant, Julie Renee, MED, Educational Leadership; Presley, Jerin Micheal, MED, Educational Leadership; Richards, Jenny M., With Honors, MED, Educational Leadership; Yang, Yutong, MA, Political Science - International Affairs




Ahmad, Aliyah F., BS, Computer Science - Information Science; Altaweel, Kamel Kadhem, BS, Industrial Safety; Altaweel, Murtadha Ali, BBA, Finance; Bailey, Megan Sue, BS, General Studies; Basnet, Namrata, BBA, Finance; Brewer, Anthony P., AAS, Contemporary Music Production; Brown, Taylor, BBA, Business Administration - General Business; Burleson, Jeffrey D., BA, Applied Liberal Arts; Burnett, Amanda Michelle, BBA, Business Administration - General Business; Cockrell, Sallye, BS, Nursing; Colvert, Jennifer Lauren, Summa Cum Laude, BA, Philosophy; Culkin, Matthew Lawrence, BS, General Studies; Custer, Levi G., BBA, Management; Daffron, Joshua Riley, AAS, Contemporary Music Performance; Dagg, Hillary Lea, BBA, Business Administration - General Business; Davis, Celeste Anne, BFA, Art - Studio Art; Davis, Celeste Anne, BS, Forensic Science; Finley, Pyper B.Rian, BA, Psychology; Friend, Annabelle Mae, BBA, Business Administration - General Business; Garrison, Christopher Lee, BS, Organizational Leadership; Gherezgiher, Adiam, BBA, Marketing; Gladden, Kaydee Danielle, BBA, Marketing; Gutierrez, Miranda M., BS, Forensic Science; Gutierrez, Miranda M., BA, Criminal Justice - General Criminal Justice; Holstein, Jon Franklin, BA, Political Science; Kacou, Leyo Christina Melai, BBA, Business Administration - General Business; Kahkesh, Kavon H., BS, General Studies; Kaseke, Zvikomborero Caroline, BS, General Studies; Kewou, Vivien Youmbi, BS, General Studies; Kim, Ji Hee, BS, Accounting; Knox, Jace Drew, BA, Criminal Justice - General Criminal Justice; Krause, Matthew A., BS, Accounting; Lambrecht, Jessica M., BBA, Management; Lee, Siok Wen, BS, Nutrition, Dietetics, & Food Management; Lee, Zechariah J., BA, Psychology; McAnally, Duncan Scott, BA, Political Science; McNeil, Lisa Christine, BS, Forensic Science; McRay, Darcey Jane, BSED, Physical Education/Health; Meas, Sophearith, BA, Political Science; Mielke, Li, Cum Laude, BS, Accounting; Mietus, Nicholas Albert, BS, Kinesiology - Exercise/Fitness Management; Morrow, Keegan, BS, Industrial Safety; Nutter, Thomas, BS, Organizational Leadership; Ofori-Frimpong, Nyarkoa, Magna Cum Laude, BS, Accounting; Parkman, Catherine Nicole, BS, Nursing; Peacher, John Andrew, BA, English - Creative Studies; Philhower, Kristin R., BS, Kinesiology - Exercise/Fitness Management; Phillips, Tucker Rex, BBA, Marketing; Ray, Erin M., BA, English; Ray, Taylor, BBA, Management - Human Resource Management; Reynalds, Melody N., BA, Psychology; Rippee, Nicholas A., BS, Forensic Science; Rippee, Nicholas A., BS, Biology; Rivera, Juan, BS, Kinesiology - Exercise/Fitness Management; Roe, Joshua Dwayne, BBA, Marketing; Sanders, Steven Eric, BA, Psychology; Sasser, Byrd III, BS, General Studies; Scott, Carla Denise, BA, Criminal Justice - General Criminal Justice; Sears, Brittany Nicole, BA, Psychology; Sultan, Sultan Ghazi, BA, Political Science; Tamez, Christopher Daniel, BA, Psychology; Taunton, Lorena, BS, General Studies; Taunton, Tyler M., BS, Accounting; Thompson, Justin Michael, AAS, Contemporary Music Performance; Turner, William J., BA, Mass Communication - Public Relations; Walters, Emoly Ann, BFA, Dance; Ward, Courtney Suzanne, BS, General Studies

    Wermy, Cody Taylor, BA, Criminal Justice - Police; Yang, Timothy D., BS, Computer Science; Zhang, Dake, BS, Accounting.