The Edmond Sun

January 29, 2013

OC instructor, students screen movie at Trail Dance Film Festival

Special to The Sun

EDMOND — An Edmond college group screened their independent film “Dead Tired” over the weekend. Oklahoma Christian University Eagle Broadcasting Director David Jurney and his students produced the film last year. It was selected by the Trail Dance Film Festival and was shown Friday and Saturday in Duncan.

“Dead Tired” was the culmination of Jurney’s Advanced Creative Production class last year. It was filmed and edited by Jose Cruz, Emily Eldridge, Daniel Warren, Jason Oser, Cameron Sutherland and Logan Rine. Actors include Nathaneal Nalley, Sarah Henry, Jacob Weaver, Kris Murray and communication professor Barrett Huddleston.

The Trail Dance Film Festival is an open-genre independent film competition. In addition to audience screenings, the festival also includes vendors, live entertainment and panels featuring film professionals.

The film centers on the story of Todd, a young man with narcolepsy who just wants to live a normal life.

According to Jurney, the experience was very rewarding.

“Seeing your film with an audience outside your immediate circle is a big test,” Jurney said. “This was a nerve-wracking, but fun experience. It was well-received and looked great on the big screen. We thought it was very cool when the audience responded to moments in the film — especially the gasps we wanted.”

Jurney and his crew also enjoyed the question and answer session after the film.

“We had some interesting questions, and even one audience member told us he has narcolepsy,” he said. “It was also heartening that several of the filmmakers in attendance complemented our film.”

Those interested can see a preview of the film at www.narco

Many Trail Dance films have received distribution, including Bill Sebastian’s “Midlothia,” and “Johnny Was,” which was picked up by Starz. Jon Sajetowski (“Donnybrook”) went on to direct ABC’s “Wife Swap,” and David Lawrence (“My Name is Wallace”) booked a recurring role on NBC’s “Heroes.” The festival concluded with a grand awards gala.

Jurney said he will submit the film to a few more film festivals in the next year. In addition, his current Advanced Creative Production class is working on a new film, which they hope to submit to festivals next year.