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March 13, 2014

Rock On!

Deer Creek WWF rolls in $90,130

EDMOND — With Rock of Ages as their week’s theme, Michael Jackson would have been proud of the Deer Creek High School students as they “Beat It,” breaking the previous amount of money raised from activities and dares when the final tally for their Wonderful Week of Fundraising topped the $90,000 mark.

With a total of $90,130 raised, all but 10 percent will be dedicated to the Oklahoma Lupus Foundation. The students had surpassed their $80,000 goal, the highest goal ever set for the school.

In 2011 students raised the most money to that date, $88,808. After reaching and surpassing their goal, an anonymous donor added $15,000, pushing the total to a new high of $103,808.

Ten percent of the total amount raised will go the Deer Creek District’s Special Olympics program. In the district’s eight schools, 43 students will compete in the Special Olympics this year first in Putnam City then in Stillwater.

Doughboys male and female alike, 44 in total and the most ever, turned out in force as they pushed the 2014 Wonderful World of Fundraising total over the top collecting $33,735 among the group.

Student Council president and WWF chairman senior Henry Marsh said, “I am enormously proud of the hard work the Student Council has put forth.”

He added that although Deer Creek encompasses both Oklahoma City and Edmond there was a sense of one community as the school came together for a great cause.

“The thing that has impressed me the most this week was the women we met who are fighting this disease,” Marsh said. “The strength they have to carry on their fight is incredible. It is amazing to know more women die from lupus than breast cancer each year.”

Two million Americans and more than 50,000 Oklahomans have this auto-immune disease. Funds raised from WWF will go toward research and treatment of lupus as well as support and advocacy for those affected.

Marsh said one of his favorite evening activities was the Tuesday Talent Night, which showcased a lot of hidden student talent.

Student Council co-sponsors Shane Martin and Jason Stephenson were in charge of the 25 Student Council members as they planned and followed through with a week’s worth of student dares, powder puff football games, assemblies, dodge ball tournaments and black light dances in order to reach their goal.

“The students pulled out all the stops,” Stephenson said. “The maturity and work ethic they showed to be able to work together and achieve a common goal was incredible.

“What is really important was to see the students step up and realize it is not just about them but what they leave behind that is important.”

Students were entertained in the closing assembly by teachers rocking and rolling to music from the 1950s forward and the choir in perfect harmony singing melodies from the past to present a capella.

Mannix Barnes, executive director of the Oklahoma Lupus Foundation, told the students, “You will be helping more people than you can ever imagine with the money you have raised.”

Deer Creek has 1, 254 students enrolled as of March 1.

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