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March 10, 2014

Santa Fe High presents Pirates of Penzance

EDMOND — The “Pirates of Penzance” is one of the most popular light operas of all times. It is filled with humorous musical numbers, lots of action, some spoken dialogue to further the plot, a happy ending and a good-natured lampooning of traditional Italian opera.

“Pirates of Penzance” is directed by Shermie Potts and Robin Robinson; technical director is Skip Fedder and assistant directors are Peyton Rosales and Claire Ruper.

Robinson said the musical is a satire on the middle class, a poke at Victorian morals and a spoof of the establishment.

“Pirates of Penzance” is a zany story that takes place on the coast of Cornwall where a gang of pirates has apprenticed a young man who will be leaving them soon. This in itself is pretty strange when the audience finds out his nursery maid explains Frederick should never have been a pirate but when she was told to apprentice him to a pilot she misunderstood and the story goes on from there.

Everyone lives happily ever after in the end, but the twists and turns to get there will leave everyone laughing.

The musical will be performed at 7 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Admission prices are adults, $10, students, $8 and senior citizens, $6.

The cast includes: Ruth, Alisha Lackey; Mabel, Halsey Clifford; Frederick, Black Downing; pirate king, Luke Harshaw; Samuel, Ian Eastland; Maj. Gen. Standley, Dr. Rob Glaubitz; police sergeant, Auriuse Tamesabi; Kate, Hope Bradford; Edith, Sara Handy and Isabel, Lincka Elizondo.

The daughters are played by Breya Hollins, Emily Cochran, Ashleigh Robinson, Maya Cook, Aubree Reeves, Rebecca Sheets, Thembi Wenyika and Grace Gandy.

Nursemaids include Arial Messerli, Chloe Craig, Merideth Langley, Grace Whittaker and Parker Martin.

Pirates are Dalton Bishop, Parker Newton, Micah Duball, Heath Mitchell, Tariq Ebrahim, Ryne Tabor, Will Dougherty, Jaelin Gonzaque and Lane Jinkins.

Police include Geoff Owen, Michael Lee, Mithun Varghese and Jarod Sorum.

“Pirates of Penzance” production crew includes art design, lobby: Monica Tran, Brady Walker, Ethan Power, LaNai Baldwin, Alexia Ross and Malaika Khan; costumes: Parker Martin, CeCe Kuper, Jasmine Foo, Sarah Heisley and Quinn Pasternik; marketing: Ethan Bell, Mattea White and Sam Statezny; props: Nick Malgert, Ashlyn Dragus CLark and Phoebe Sutton; set construction: Mr. Von Felton, Alex Hurst, Jacob Bonner, Dezra Hamilton, Amanda Hollar, Ashtan Norris, Christian Powell, Peyton Van Nest and Josh Van Meighern.

Running crew for lobby includes: Ethan Power, Alexia Ross, LaNai Baldwin, Brady Walker and Malaika Khan; follow spot: Monica Tran and Jake Bonner; makeup: Elana Navarro, Megan Wiberg and Zoe Smith; costumes: Sarah Heisley, Jasmine Foo and Madison Herron; props: Quin Pasternik, Phoebe Sutton and Nick Maiget; lighting: Peyton Van Nest and Dave Starnes; sound: Josh Van Meighem and Laura Halaout; deck crew/fly: Mason Elliott, Alex Hurst and Maureen Sharp.

Other cast members are Kayin Williamson, Sydney Barnes, Blair Bradley, Emma Richardson, Mackenzie Meredith and Erica Aveard.


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