NORTH ANDOVER,  Mass. – Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign for president hit a minor, but surprising, setback in her home state of Massachusetts Sunday.

Sen. Kamala Harris of California scored a victory over Warren in the Democratic Town Committee’s straw poll in this north of Boston suburb.

Of 81 votes cast by the committee, Harris received 33 to Warren’s 20. The rest of the votes were scattered among 10 other Democratic candidates or potential candidates for president.

Warren and Harris, a first-time senator, are both considered liberal Democrats.

Mark DiSalvo, a longtime member of the Democratic State Committee, said the straw poll was “only a representation of the opinion of the people in the room who chose to express an opinion.”  

Warren, twice elected to the Senate in reliably blue Massachusetts, has been under attack from President Donald Trump and others for claiming Native American ancestry. 

She released a DNA test last year suggesting  she had a distant Indian lineage. The test stirred objections from the Cherokee Nation that it did not prove her a member of any indigenous community.  She later apologized.

Details for this story were provided by The Eagle-Tribune, North Andover, Mass.

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