EDITOR’S NOTE: A story posted online earlier this week highlighted the challenges drivers will face with the upcoming intersection reconstruction of 33rd Street and Broadway.

Major road construction will be done in the area, but will not close the intersections, said Lisa Salim, Oklahoma Department of Transportation spokeswoman. If an intersection closes, it will be only for an extremely limited time, she said.

Mayor Charles Lamb said the city would like to ensure business owners and their customers in the general area of 33rd Street and Broadway that access will be maintained to all businesses at all times during the reconstruction of the intersection.

Access to the businesses may be modified at times, Lamb said at a recent meeting of the Edmond City Council.

“We just wanted to assure everyone that those businesses will remain open,” Lamb said.

Earlier this month, City Manager Larry Stevens asked the public to plan alternate routes for upcoming road reconstruction improvements at 33rd and Broadway.

Major road construction will be done in the area, but will not close the intersections, said Lisa Salim, Oklahoma Department of Transporation spokeswoman.

“The contractors are required to keep two lanes open to traffic on Broadway (northbound-southbound) at all times and one lane eastbound-westbound (33rd Street) open at all times throughout the year-long project,” Salim said.

Salim said if an intersection becomes closed for the project, it would be “for an extremely limited time.”

“The intent is to never have the intersection closed to traffic at anytime unless something absolutely cannot be helped. The contract specifically requires lanes to remain open due to the high volume of traffic that utilizes this area.”

Intersection improvements will bring additional dual westbound to southbound left-turn lanes as well as dual southbound to eastbound left-turn lanes, Stevens said. Single westbound and eastbound right-turn lanes will be included.

“We just want to start alerting people now that this project will be a major inconvenience,” Stevens said.

Construction will begin in the next several months, depending on the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s schedule. Stevens said the project will take at least a year to complete.

A median will be installed on 33rd Street, east of Broadway sometime in June. Widening in that area will also occur, Stevens noted.

33rd and Broadway is the city’s most congested roadway, with 65,000 cars in a 24-hour period, according to the city. The intersection is also the seventh ranked site for vehicular accidents in Edmond with 30 collisions in 2014.

The most dangerous intersection for traffic collisions it 2nd Street and Bryant Ave., with 45 traffic accidents last year, according to the 2014 report.

A contract was awarded this month to Allen Contracting for about $5.4 million for road work at 33rd and Broadway, Stevens said. This is in partnership with Shell construction, Salim said.. The city’s 20 percent of that construction is about $1.1 million, he said.

The city’s share will come from an allocation in the 2000 Capital Improvements Sales Tax. That is a permanent 3/4-cent sales tax collected by the city specifically for capital improvement projects.

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