Mike Robins

Mike Robins makes a difference wherever he may be, whether the White House or Edmond. Robins currently serves as the executive director of the Leadership Exchange Academy. He is someone you should know.

His journey home came out of a desire to be nearer to family, and belonging to a city known for raising a family and starting a business.

“My wife and I moved to Oklahoma from Washington, D.C., about six years ago to be around family,” he said. “Before relocating, I worked as director at the Financial Services Roundtable, headed by Gov. (Tim) Pawlenty. I also worked at the American Red Cross National Headquarters as federal relations liaison to the White House, federal cabinet agencies, and other federal partners.”

Before working at the Red Cross, he served at the White House as associate director of presidential speechwriting for President George W. Bush. Mike helped collaborate on Bush’s memoir, “Decision Points”. In Washington, D.C., he also served as a community outreach coordinator for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and later served as staff assistant on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee during the nomination of Chief Justice John Roberts.

In 2013 Robins felt the need to focus his talents in Edmond. He said being married with a family led him here.

“We always heard about Edmond being a great place to raise a family or start a business, so I started doing some small consulting work through public affairs, and in doing that, I met Larry Nichols who started Devon Energy, and got introduced to a team right there.

“He’s the chairman of a non-profit called Leadership Exchange Academy, or LEA, which I’m currently the executive director of.”

LEA identifies emerging public policy leaders, and helps them build relationships and understand the challenges that exist in public policies in Oklahoma, based on a foundation of free enterprise.

He and his wife, Lisa, are Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce members. Lisa owns a boutique.

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