Shelley Goetz

Shelley Goetz

Shelley Goetz and her husband, Dan, moved to Edmond from Oklahoma City 31 years ago. Shelley is president of the Edmond Republican Women’s Club and she is someone you should know.

“We moved here because, as so many others before me have also said, ‘We loved the small-town feel and the schools,’” Shelley said.

When she and her husband came to Edmond, Shelley was helping raise his two children (a tween and a teen,) and Shelley was pregnant with their son, Ford, at the time. Ford is now 30, married, and also an Edmond resident. 

“Last spring, I was appointed to be on the City of Edmond’s Capitol Improvements Advisory Board, and I have been fascinated by the many projects our city has to tackle to keep such a rapidly-growing community moving smoothly,” Shelley said. “I’ve enjoyed it here immensely, and have never had a desire to move.”

Shelley has been an interior designer for 41 years after graduating from the University of Oklahoma in Interior Design.

She is specialized in corporate and healthcare design and is in the throes of retiring.

“I worked with OG&E for many years, as well as Mercy Health Center, and Sonic corporate, among many other hospitals and corporations across the state,” Shelley said. “I miss the adrenaline of making budget, tight deadlines, and adhering to challenging codes, but I guess I replaced that adrenaline with one of a political disposition.”

In 2008 Shelley joined the Edmond Republican Women’s Club after hearing about a particular candidate’s byline to “fundamentally transform America,” and she said that alarmed her.

“I was raised to love and respect this country, even with its imperfections and didn’t feel it needed transforming, especially not ‘fundamentally.’” Shelley said. 

“Fast-forward 12 years, and I’m serving as president this year,” she added. “The ERWC focuses on educating women and men on current civic/state/federal issues, and impacting legislation to reflect conservative values. We meet the third Monday of each month with the exception of excluding July and December. If anyone wants details, they can reach us at”

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