If Joni Mitchell is a crunchy granola singer teaching us all to love, Edith Frost is a warm cup of hot chocolate convincing us it’s safe to come in from the cold.

Frost’s smooth, tender vocals are returning from a self-imposed four-year hiatus from music. Her new album “It’s a Game” is a quirky and charming collection of illustrative songs that range from wistful memories to deep and quivering heartbreak.

The album is not simply a time capsule of heavily tread singer/songwriter standards. The music is very soft and can be overly earnest, but the influences are much more modern. There is some innovation and individuality in this album, which isn’t always common with this genre.

For instance, “What’s the Use” should sound venomous and bitter, but it comes off vulnerable and disappointed. It should be dark and bleak, but her pillowy vocals resist it.

The standout track is “Lucky Charm.” The simple and childlike ballad to a trinket is old-timey and endearing. It’s a song that will form a smile on the face of even the coldest of cold-hearted listeners.

The warm, inviting ditties such as “Lucky Charm” and the title track are what make Frost unique among the numerous other talents in her section of the musical spectrum.

Country and western definitely resonates deep in her music, but it would be misleading to call her a country crooner. Nor does she fall in line with folk, but works well to bring a wide variety of influences into the album.

This album is one of the more heartfelt and interesting of its ilk within modern music and fans of female singer songwriters should clear out a section in their catalogue for Frost.

For more information, visit www.edithfrost.com.

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