The True CW

Hip-Hop artist The True CW prepares for the release of his latest single.

Edmond-based Hip Hop artist The True CW, also known as Christopher Watkins, announces the release of his upcoming single, “A Night Out,” on Thursday.

Watkins said “A Night Out” is his latest mad genius concoction single that mixes upbeat and jubilant lyrics, heavy bass lines, and a moody Trip-Hop ambiance. The True CW has combined all of these components with smoothness while maintaining his signature cityscape sound. 

Watkins said “A Night Out” is a celebration of defiant individuality and rebellious freedom in the simple act of partying; while blending an urban neon-light vibe of Friday night mystery and all-out good times. 

He said whether you’re a shy wallflower who rocks out when no one’s watching, or a party animal looking for an excuse to be your even wilder-self; there’s something fun and funky in “A Night Out” for everyone.

Originally born and raised in Chicago, The True CW discovered the power of his passion and connection to music early on in life, finding inspiration through the local scene and after being drawn-in by the sounds the city had to offer. At the age of 13 he’d already laid down his first recordings in the studio, and just two years later, he was officially starting to perform onstage at his first open mic sessions. Building himself into an entertainer from the ground up, The True CW has made sure that every step he’s taken has been one in the right direction towards an unbreakable career.

Watkins said he has been hard at work in the studio, crafting new cuts that have him sounding his best to-date. He said he is ready to exceed all expectations, excel in his craft, and surge forward with his career with  the singles and videos he has set to drop.

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