Jake Matthew Pulley

Jake Matthew Pulley

An Edmond man was arrested on a domestic felony assault involving strangulation shortly after 5 a.m. Saturday, July 20, according to Edmond Police.

Officer Torrey Rowe was dispatched to the 3000 block of Jim Robison Drive. Jake Maxwell Pulley, 23, was taken into custody after he assaulted his girlfriend and another roommate, Rowe stated.

Pulley’s girlfriend told police that she and Pulley had been drinking when they began arguing.

Pulley allegedly put his arm around his girlfriend’s neck from behind and choked her, according to the report.

“(The girlfriend) advised during the headlock, she did lose the ability to breathe,” Rowe stated. “She advised that she was able to lower herself to the ground to get out of the headlock, and after she got out of the headlock, Pulley ran over to one of the roommates … and started hitting her in the head.”

Rowe reported multiple red marks were visible on the girlfriend’s shoulders and neck. She had red marks on her back and was bleeding slightly, Rowe continued.

Rowe noted that the roommate of Pulley and his girlfriend reported hearing a scream while inside her bedroom. The roommate reported that she witnessed Pulley swing at the victim and put her in a chokehold.

“She then stated that she started to fight off Pulley by kicking him, and then he turned and swung. She advised that he punched her in the head multiple times. I photographed her injuries,” Rowe stated.

Rowe reported Pulley told him he didn’t recall anything about the incident due to a blackout. Pulley told police the last thing he remembered was coming home separately from his girlfriend, Rowe added. Pulley said he was angry that she had remained at the bar drinking, according to police.

Rowe reported the odor of alcohol was on Pulley as she questioned him.

Pulley remembered the argument and going to sleep, according to police. He told Rowe that when he woke up, he was speaking to police officers on the front porch, the report states.

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