Highland Ridge

On Dec. 9 the Edmond City Council will consider rezoning property located at 1300 E. Ayers for a potential 91-room Oyo Hotel in close vicinity to the UCO campus.


A proposal calls for the Highland Ridge Apartments complex in Edmond to be transformed into a hotel. The building is located at 1300 E. Ayers, west of Bryant Avenue.

The Edmond Planning Commission voted 4-0 Tuesday in favor of rezoning the property from high density multifamily to a planned unit development (PUD).

“The existing 77,000-square-foot building will remain and be remodeled into a 91-room hotel, part of the Oyo Hotel franchise,” said City Planner Randy Entz.

In December the Edmond City Council extended the deadline for the Highland Ridge Apartments before declaring it dilapidated, uninhabitable, unsafe, unsanitary and a public nuisance. The city worked with the apartment’s management to bring the building up to code, said Todd McKinnis, representing the developer, Spectrum Life LLC.

The surrounding area is a mix of commercial, office and apartments. Hotel use is the only function of the building listed in the PUD, Entz said. Hotel access will be from the existing drive off Ayers and the site also has a drive to the south onto Campbell.

Additional parking is being proposed west of the building to meet the parking requirement of one space per room. 

“As proposed the hotel would be the closet one to the university in meeting some of the needs of visitors to UCO, as well as providing opportunities for the employment of the students,” Entz continued.

State Farm Insurance executive Dennis Chaumont owns property at 325 N. Bryant that is 10-12 feet lower in elevation than the building site. He questioned the project’s drainage plan for stormwater flow.

City Stormwater Engineer Keith Beatty said the developer will need to maintain drainage patterns during the development process.

Commission chair Barry Moore said Chaumont’s concern with potential water flow is highly noted.

Staff believes the hotel would be compatible with Edmond Plan 2018. Edmond City Council will consider the item at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 9, at the Council Chambers, 20 S. Littler.

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