Police arrest

Two juveniles were taken into custody after breaking into a Dollar General in Edmond and taking a 12 pack of beer.

Police work along with cooperation from the community led to the arrest of two juveniles Tuesday night in connection to a burglary at Dollar General.

At approximately 3 a.m. Monday, Edmond officers responded to an alarm at the Dollar General on Danforth and Kelly. Upon entering, they were able to see that the store had been broken into through the ceiling. After reviewing store surveillance video, they observed two males entering through the ceiling tiles. The only thing that was taken was a 12 pack of beer.

Tuesday night, Edmond police Sgt. Berry was at 7-11 conducting community policing. While chatting with the clerk she told him of some possible suspects for the burglary. A customer in the store told him that they were possibly staying in an abandoned house.

Sgt. Berry and Officer Factor located the neighborhood, and neighbors helped identify the abandoned house. Officers found two males, ages 14 and 16, in the house along with the clothes they were seen wearing on the surveillance video.

The two male juveniles were taken into custody and will be charged with second degree burglary for the Dollar General, and unlawful entry into the abandoned house.

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