Phil Marsh

Phil Marsh

Police report that an arrest was made on an Edmond man for aggravated assault and battery, and public intoxication after police were dispatched to CeeGee’s Bar, located at 309 S. Coltrane.

Officer Jennifer Haddock responded to the scene at 12:30 a.m. Saturday after being advised of a fight in the parking lot, according to police. Dispatch reported that someone had possibly broken their leg.

“Upon arrival, I observed the victim sitting on the ground in the parking lot. As I approached the victim, I saw blood on the ground and not his sock. I could tell that his right ankle/foot area appeared to be deformed, and it appeared that there was bone protruding from his skin,” Haddock noted in her report.

The victim reported that he had attempted to leave the bar to avoid a fight with the accused, Phil Trent Marsh, 52. The victim reported that Marsh followed him outside the bar and slammed him on the ground.

Marsh had been drinking and said the victim had been “ugly all night,” Haddock continued. Marsh said he was trying to leave when the victim walked by him and said he needed him outside, Haddock noted.

“I asked  Marsh how exactly he got a broken leg and he said, ‘It was because of his own actions.’ Marsh also stated that the victim was, ‘Calling me names all night and I don't know what happened, I didn't mean to hurt anybody,’” Haddock stated.

Haddock reported that Marsh also said, “We came out here and he was hitting me and doing stuff and I picked him up and I don't know.”

Police noted that an Uber driver captured the incident on camera. Police watched the footage and advised that Marsh appeared to have thrown a punch. Police also advised that the video does not show that the victim instigated the physical fight.

Police noted that the victim’s leg appears clearly disfigured and twisted in the video. The video shows Marsh walking toward the victim in an attempt to kick the victim in the face while he is on the ground, Haddock reported.

The victim was transported to the emergency department of INTEGRIS Health Edmond with three breaks in his leg. Both of the victim’s tibia and fibula were broken, Haddock stated.

“He will require surgery to repair the broken bones,” Haddock added.

The accused was booked and arrested, according to police.

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