Edmond Police responded to one count of burglary in second degree on Independence Day.

Reporting Officer Christopher McAloon stated at 11:27 p.m. July 4, he and other officers responded to a burglary alarm at an ATT store located at 2003 W. Danforth Road.

They found the window on the east side of the building had been smashed. The back door to the adjoining business Submarina was unlocked, according to Edmond Police.

Officer Brad Griffin secured store lobby while Sgt. Chad Butcher and McAloon cleared Submarina and gained access to the ATT store, the report stated.  They found several ceiling tiles knocked down above the vault knocked down.

McAloon advised dispatch a key holder was needed to gain access to the vault to verify the suspect was not still in the store. The Edmond Fire Department brought a ladder truck for access to the roof.

“We were able to gain access verify the suspect was not in the store. We did observe several ceiling tiles in the vault to be knocked down along with power to the room to be out,” McAloon stated. “Several phones and other electronic devices were on the floor along with a hammer that was used to break the window. I advised dispatch to start a TI and TI-White arrived and processed the scene.”

Video was reviewed. According to Edmond Police, the store manager suspected a store employee for the burglary.

“The video showed a tall skinny subject enter through the window.

The police report stated the suspect walked to the vault full of phones and tablets.

The suspect took a chair from the office for use in removing ceiling tiles and gain access into the vault from the ceiling, the report states.

“When the suspect entered the vault he knocked out the power causing the room to go dark so the video is black,” McAloon reported. “The suspect then exits the vault in the same manner as he entered and exited the store through the northwest exit.

The suspect was wearing all black with a black back-pack. The suspect also had on white and black athletic shoes. I was able to locate a good address for

The descriptors on suspect’s driver’s license match the suspect in the video, McAloon noted.

“I was also advised by the manager the shoes and pants in the video match what the suspect was wearing at work the previous day,” McAloon stated.

Police do not provide the suspect’s name in the report.

 The merchandise includes, eight Samsung Galaxy S7’s ($6400), eight Samsung Galaxy S7 Edges ($7200), six-teen IPhone 6Pluses 16GB ($13,760), six-teen IPhone Pluses 64GB ($15,360), six-teen IPhone 6’s 16GB ($10,400), and six-teen IPhone 6’s 64GB ($12,000) for a grand total of $65,120.

The manager along with several other store manager began working to get an accurate inventory list with serial numbers along with video footage to provide to police.

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