Scooter collision

A man riding a Lime scooter in Edmond was the victim of a recent hit and run.

Edmond Police are seeking information on an unknown suspect accused of an auto/pedestrian hit and run. The victim was riding a Lime scooter.

The unknown suspect is described by the victim, Thomas Scott Gore, 21, of Edmond, as having dark blonde hair and being about 26 years of age, slightly balding, with stubble on his face. Gore reported the incident to Edmond Police as well as to The Edmond Sun.

Officer Josh Pratt noted that the suspect committed one act of assault and/or battery with dangerous weapon occuring at approximately 9:15 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 21, at the Spring Creek Apartments, in the 700 block of E. 15th St.

Gore did not report any injuries and told police he did not need medical attention, according to the police report.

“Gore told me that he left his apartment to go to class and was riding a rented Lime scooter westbound through the complex adjacent to 15th Street,” Pratt stated. “He said a white cargo van was following him, and the driver was yelling something at him about the scooter. Gore said the van drove very close to him as it passed him westbound.”

According to Pratt, Gore reported that he became upset with the driver of the van for coming to close to him. He reported that he stepped off the scooter, and started yelling at the driver.

“He said the van began to turn around, drove toward him, and stopped as the two subjects yelled at each other,” Pratt noted. “Gore said the driver of the van then drove the van at him and struck his right hand with the vehicle.”

Police report the suspect then left the complex westbound on 15th Street.

Gore provided a potential tag number for the van that checks back to a 2018 Ram Promaster van belonging to a company. Gore showed Pratt his hand which had two red knuckles and an abrasion on the back of the hand, Pratt continued.

A witness said they saw the van strike Gore from the vehicle’s driver's side, Pratt stated. The witness reported that Gore did not appear to hurt his hand by swinging it at the van.

The police investigation is ongoing.

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