Pastor Paul Blair’s wife Cynthia was the recipient of harassing text messages when Blair was out of town, according to Edmond Police.

Officer James Teel reported that he was dispatched to call Blair about some harassing text messages his wife had received. Teel stated he attempted to call Blair at 9:32 a.m. May 31 and he was able to speak with his church secretary at Fairview Baptist Church.

At the time Blair was not available to talk with Teel about the harassing messages, Teel reported. But he was able to speak with Blair June 1 and learned from Blair that his wife received the message on Facebook May 28, according to the report.

Teel reported the following message:

“He needs to decide which god he serves. I see your sons and your husband have all been too cowardly to ever serve their country. No, they’re busy sitting their . . . on the sidelines and using their mouths. By the way, there’s a mass printing of those KKK pics of Paul being prepared for a citywide mailing in Edmond.”

Edmond Police note that no other messages have been received from the suspect.

“Pastor Blair told me State Sen. Nathan Dahm and Sheriff John Whetsel have both received messages from the suspect in the past and he wanted us to be aware of what had happened. No further action taken,” Teel stated.

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