shooting threat

Edmond Police responded to Boulevard Academy today after a threat was received by dispatch concerning a student in the bathroom with a gun. The threat was quickly downgraded.


The Edmond Police Department said Friday night that it has made an arrest in the investigation of the shooting threats made against the Boulevard Academy.

The suspect, a 16 year-old-male, is a Boulevard Academy student. He will be charged as a juvenile with felony terrorist hoax, police said. 

On the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 17, Edmond dispatch received a call from a male reporting that he was inside a bathroom in the Boulevard Academy with a gun, and that he intended to do harm to a particular student. Dispatch notified the Edmond Police School Resource Officer on-site and the school was sent immediately into lockdown. Additional Edmond Police officers responded within minutes and were able to determine that there was no threat inside the building.

"Within 10 minutes the Edmond PD determined that there was no threat inside the building,” said Emily Ward, Edmond Police spokeswoman. “Our dispatch received a call saying there was a student in the bathroom with a gun, that he was going to shoot people."

Police responded quickly to the scene to learn the threat was sent to dispatch through an app, Ward explained. Police reported that three other schools were put on modified lockdown. Police went room-to-room to do a search and found out that the individual responsible for the shooting threat was not at the Boulevard Academy at the time, Ward said. 

Ward said all schools were following their regular schedule that day; however, in response to the threat, the Edmond Police Department was providing additional attention to the schools throughout the school day.

Edmond Public Schools said they are pleased to reassure the community that an arrest has been made.

The statement reads, "We are grateful to the Edmond Police Department for their prompt assistance and thorough investigation, and thankful for our students who came forward with information which proved beneficial to the investigation."