Joe Whitaker

Joe Whitaker

Joe Whitaker of Edmond, recently was given the Thomas E. O'Hara Award for his  volunteer service to the Heart of Oklahoma Chapter of BetterInvesting, a national nonprofit investment education organization that’s been in operation since 1951.

Whitaker was featured in the September issue of “BetterInvesting News” in an article titled “Joe Whitaker: Heart of Oklahoma’s Go-To Guy.”

The article stats that Whitaker has served the chapter as president and in numerous other roles, assisting as a volunteer to get the word out on personal finance and the value of investing in the stock market. He's taught at a program for local youth and holds an investment study group in his own home.

He’s participated in board meetings, chapter webinars and is always willing to tackle any work. He’s responsible for recruiting other members and continues to hold study group meetings in his own home.

According to the operations manual, the Thomas E. O’Hara Award is named in honor of the Chairman Emeritus of BetterInvesting who dedicated his life to serving members and forming investment clubs. Stories are told of Tom O’Hara driving through America handing out BetterInvesting material from the back of his station wagon. This award is given quarterly with one annual winner selected from the quarterly winners. The purpose of this award is to honor local chapter directors for their outstanding service.

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