Staff members today at Edmond Economic Development Authority, left to right, are: Mallory Stone, Janet Yowell, Donna Young, and Sarah Dickson. 

The Edmond Industrial Development Authority was established on June 17, 1969 and the name was officially changed to Edmond Economic Development Authority in 1998. The EEDA exists to offer resources that stimulate the growth of Edmond's economy by creating and maintaining an optimum environment for both new and existing businesses, offering services that facilitate the growth and expansion of those businesses and generating opportunities to increase the sales tax base of the city of Edmond.

The EEDA is a public trust of the City of Edmond and is governed by a nine-member board of trustees, made up of members of the Edmond community. In the organization's 50 years, many city and state leaders have served on the EEDA Board of Trustees.

Currently, the EEDA has four staff members: Janet Yowell, executive director; Sarah Dickson, communications director; Mallory Stone, client services manager; and Donna Young, office manager. The EEDA staff provides a wide variety of services to businesses in Edmond and businesses looking to locate in the city. Some of those services include marketing services, commercial real estate services, knowledge-based business services, demographics and events.

The City of Edmond and the EEDA offer an Edmond Economic Incentive Policy that on a case-by-case basis will give consideration to economic development incentives as stimulation for growth in Edmond. Economic assistance may be, but not limited to, reimbursement of infrastructure costs; façade improvement; or waiving certain building permit, inspection and connection fees.

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