Two Edmond friends, one who loves art and one who loves to host parties, recently opened an art entertainment studio, Paint Your Art Out.

Located in downtown Edmond, at 100 N. Broadway, Suite 160, the new studio is “truly entertainment in an artistic atmosphere,” said co-owner Renee Deakle. It’s not about lessons or classes.

With large windows to the community, curious passersby are attracted to the art samples decorating the walls and perched on more than 20 table easles. The two owners enjoy explaining their blend of entertainment and art to anyone who pops in.

“Once they understand the concept, they always leave thinking it’s a fabulous idea,” said co-owner Kelly Garner.

Paint Your Art Out is a casual place where anyone can unwind and become creative. “Most of our customers have never painted,” Garner said. Or, they’ve never painted past fifth grade.

Anyone interested in participating in an open party session can look on the studio’s online calendar to see which paintings the studio is featuring on a particular day. As of Thursday, seats were available from Jan. 12-16 for customers interested in painting a flowered peace cross, snowman and friend, polka dot vase, bistro babe and Route 66 sign.

Many of the paintings are pre-sketched or partially pre-sketched to help a new painter with placement. Samples are available, sometimes showing the painting in different color schemes. Local artists are on hand to offer guidance in painting acrylics on pre-stretched canvas. They’re also on hand to help a new painter make corrections.

The owners find that seasoned painters are attracted to the studio to take advantage of the wide array of supplies at hand. The studio has numerous brands of acrylic paints. “We’ve had fun ordering all our paint. It’s like Christmas,” Deakle said.

The studio also provides the canvas, easels, brushes and smocks.

Whether new to art or a seasoned artist, in two to three hours, customers can have an original, beautiful painting for their home or to give as a gift.

“Absolutely, we want people to be happy with the painting they take home, and they are,” Deakle said.

Some customers bring their own beverages and hors d’oeuvres, even an occasional bottle of wine for night sessions. The studio provides the cups, plates and napkins.

While adults are the studio’s customer base, the studio has hours available for private children’s birthday parties, usually during the day on Saturday and Sunday. The owners hope to work with homeschool groups in the future.

They’re also looking at using the studio as a fundraising venue for charitable organizations.

The studio offers walk-in studio time, open party sessions and reserved party times. The 870-foot space can accommodate 30 adults or 24 children per party.

“Who wouldn’t want a new way to hang out with their friends, something more than dinner and a movie?” Deakle asked.

For those who agree, more information about Paint Your Art Out is available on Facebook, on the Web at www.paintyour and by calling 513-5333. |

341-2121, ext. 112

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