PHOTO PROVIDED Sausage rolls made with pork sausage, herbs and puff pastry are one of the many items sold by Angela Jones and Kate Waring under the name of Pasties (pah steez) and Pies. All types of pasties and pies in addition to scones can be found at SupperThyme as well as at the Farmer's Market when it opens in the spring.

Angela Jones traveled to England and brought back a bit of Britain with her.

Enamored with the flavors of some of the British food she sampled she decided to come home and try her hand at making it to sell.

Now owner of Pasties (pronounced “pah steez”) and Pies, with the help of Kate Waring, a British resident who attended the University of Central Oklahoma while working on her master’s degree, the two bake and sell pasties, pies, scones and sausage rolls at SupperThyme and the Farmers Market when it is open.

Neither is ready to give up her day job yet, though.

Waring is in her first year working as an elementary physical education teacher at Ralph Downs Elementary School in the Putnam City School District. Angela is the director of health and wellness at the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City.

In their spare time, the two bake and sell British pasties and savory pies.  

The two were using a commercial kitchen at the University of Central Oklahoma for baking and they have been selling their products at the Farmers Market for the past three years and will be there again in April when it opens.

Recently they struck a relationship with Supper Thyme in Edmond to prepare and sell their pasties and pies there.

“We will be baking 20 to 25 pies a week and sell out of the store,” Angela said. “We have been pleasantly surprised with the unique opportunities available.”

In the summer they will double the number of their large pies and supplement them with pasties, scones and sausage rolls.

For the more traditional recipes they looked to Kate’s grandmother’s recipes. “For the less traditional items it was more of an experimental venture,” Angela said.

Even Angela’s 15-year-old son, Jacob Boyer, a student at Memorial High School, is involved with the business.

“He has worked at the Farmers Market stand in the summer, and the money is going towards his college fund, which makes it more interesting for him,” she said.

Pasties come in several variations including Cornish, which is a traditional English stew beef with carrots, potatoes and onions in a pastry.

“Until this season we have made all of our pastry by hand,” Angela said. “We are adding a puff pastry this year as an alternative to our homemade pastry.”

Angela said they also have a minced beef pastie and a mashed potato pastie with cheese and onion.

“Last season a customer came up with the idea of a Hottie pastie, a pastie with jalapeños,” Angela said. “We also have a brunch pastie with eggs, potatoes and sausage as well as a vegetarian one.”

Shepherd’s pie, Hot Pot pie, Chicken and Mushroom and Meat and Potato pies are all served in a 12-inch round and will serve three to four people.

Special orders are taken for apple, blueberry and peach pies.

Scones have been added to the line of food offerings and they range from chocolate chip to very berry raspberry and blueberry to bacon, cheese and onion. “The scones have a crusty exterior and are moist inside,” Angela said.

They also can cater lunches, birthday parties or gatherings of any type.

The Farmers Market will start up again in April, but for customers who can’t wait, stop by SupperThyme at 33rd and Broadway, west of the railroad tracks, or place an order by calling 509-6438, or go to the Facebook page for pasties and pies and place your order on the wall or email:


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