Rebate program

Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce begins a rebate program for those shopping at member businesses.

Starting today the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce is rolling out a new program for local spending rebates at chamber member businesses

Save your receipt from local restaurants and retailers, with the exception of grocery stores, and for every $100 you spend (rounded down), you will earn a $10 gift card to the business or the businesses you supported. Spend $1,000 at a business, the chamber will give you a $100 gift card to that business. Spend $125, get a $10 gift card, etc.

The following are rules for the program:

• Max. of $1,000 in receipts from any one business at a time;

• Receipts must be from an Edmond Chamber member;

• Receipts must be dated after the program starting date (March 20, 2020);

• Excludes grocery store receipts; and

• Multiple receipts can be submitted to reach $100 minimum but all receipts must be from Edmond Chamber members.

This program begins March 20, 2020, and ends April 3, 2020, unless otherwise specified.

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