1950s neighborhood bears Yard of the Week winner

Tiffany Caplinger stands in this week's Yard of the Week on Benton Road in the Clegern Addition, a neighborhood established in the 1950s.

Tiffany and Chris Caplinger are this week’s Edmond Yard of the Week winners. They reside at 531 Benton Road in the Clegern Addition, one of Edmond’s older neighborhoods established in the 1950s.

The Caplingers bought their home 23 years ago, love the area and it has been a great place to raise their three children. A retired Edmond Police Officer, Chris takes the lead on the home and garden renovations, while Tiffany does the day-to-day gardening because she enjoys being outdoors.

Their front yard is dominated by four very tall Black Oak Trees planted nearly 70 years ago by Doyle Nicholson, a builder who lived in the first home in the neighborhood. These unique oak trees dot the neighborhood and are part of the history that makes the Clegern neighborhood special.

The Caplinger’s gardening venture really shifted into high gear three years ago when they updated the entrance to their home and boldly increased the garden area. The landscaping changes were dramatic adding rocks, special borders and lots of soil. They also took out the Bermuda grass and in late fall of 2014 replaced it with fescue sod.

Today, Elephant Ear plants are the dominant feature that catch the eyes when driving by their home and garden. They are really impressive and surprisingly the bulbs overwintered.

Multicolored impatiens with their carpet of color have replaced the fall-spring pansies and now border the entire garden on each side of the porch. Tiffany is still experimenting with flowers that do well in shade but the impatiens really provide the color.

Small specimen trees and shrubs are also part of the garden and provide colors for all seasons. A weeping Ruby Falls Redbud, various Azaleas and yellow twig dogwoods add color in the spring. Evergreen plantings include a weeping blue atlas, Cedrus deodara Karl Fuchs and Peve Minaret Bald Cypress. Oak Leaf Hydrangeas, Yews and Hostas are included in the garden for a collection of interesting plantings.

EDMOND Beautiful members want to thank the Caplinger Family for being our Yard of the Week winner. They will receive a $50 gift card and a six-month subscription from our sponsors, TLC Nurseries and The Edmond Sun.

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