A heat alert issued by EMSA was in its 12th day Sunday. Caution is urged by health care providers.

Heat and high humidity are to blame for the extended EMSA Heat Alert which was in its twelfth day of warning on Sunday. Since officials issued that Heat Alert, 57 people have called 911 specifically naming “heat” as the cause of their emergency.  

Over the long 4th of July weekend, 21 people were treated by paramedics for heat related illnesses. Some of those patients transported to local emergency rooms.

Patients complain of nausea, dizziness, dehydration and severe muscle cramps.

EMSA Paramedics urge the following caution:

• Pre-hydrate and continue to hydrate while outdoors;

• Limit your alcohol intake;

• Wear light colored clothing;

• Stay in the shade; and

• Keep your cell phone with you should you need to call 911.

Jonathan Conder’s KOCO

Forecast for Monday

Edmond and area forecast: Mostly cloudy, 40% chance of t-storms, very humid. High: 90. Tonight, 20% chance of t-storms, muggy.  Low: 75.

Extended Forecast:   Cloudy, 40% chance of t-storms. 90/75. Tuesday, Mostly sunny.  95/75. Wednesday, Partly cloudy, 20% chance of t-storms. 97/72. Thursday, Partly cloudy, 20% chance of t-storms. 92/70. Friday, Mostly sunny.  93/70. 

State forecast: Mostly cloudy and very humid with scattered showers and thunderstorms possible with south, to southeast winds at 10-15 mph.  (Use a mix of partly cloudy, with t-storms icons north and central.)