chase suspect

Anthony Paul Lebrun



A stolen truck prompted the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Monday morning in a dangerous pursuit leading to the suspect’s arrest in Edmond. 

Edmond Police took into custody, Anthony Paul Lebrun, 37, of Choctaw, before turning the suspect over to OHP, said Sarah Stewart, OHP spokeswoman.

The chase also involved an Oklahoma City Police helicopter, and Warr Acres Police. OHP attempted to pull over the truck at N.W. 134th and Rockwell at 9:34 a.m. Monday, Stewart said.

“We ultimately pulled off the pursuit because it was too dangerous. He was at excessive speeds and was driving into oncoming traffic,” Stewart explained.

Oklahoma Police Sgt. Gary Knight said Oklahoma City began their helicopter pursuit at 11:03 a.m. at N.W. 23rd Street and Council Road. Oklahoma City tracked the suspect until Edmond police took over the suspect chase. 

An OHP trooper fired shots at Lebrun in the area of 15th Street and Air Depot, Stewart said. Lebrun continued southbound on Air Depot where he bailed out on foot after crashing through a neighborhood gate, she said.

Edmond officers pursued Lebrun on foot. Canine Officer Kor of the Edmond Police Department was able to track and capture the suspect in extreme heat in a wooded area without incident, Edmond Police Sgt. James Hamm said.

“There was no dog bite or anything like that,” Hamm said.

Kor was given water to rehydrate while the human officer at the scene received an IV due to loss of fluids, Hamm added. There was a minor Edmond traffic accident without injuries due to the pursuit, according to police.

OHP arrested and transferred Lebrun to the Oklahoma County Jail.