Downtown parking

New developments in downtown Edmond bring the city council’s desire for parking adjustments.



How to best structure downtown parking solutions took center stage at the Edmond City Council. The council voted 5-0 to fund  a supplemental appropriation for the Downtown Area Parking Plan in the amount of $99,962.

“We thought it might be appropriate to move forward with the parking study focused on that area,” said Ken Bryan, a long-range planner for the City of Edmond.

Mayor Dan O’Neil suggested leveraging the 2014 parking recommendations by the Downtown Master Plan. Issues with lighting, sidewalks, trails, zoning and streets should be part of a master plan involving downtown parking, O’Neil said.

“Update it all instead of just a component of it,” O’Neil said.

Sometimes it’s better to react to real-life situations as they occur rather than projecting too much into the future, O’Neil emphasized.

Councilman Darrell Davis suggested the city needs to be proactive instead of reactive as change occurs. Edmond’s urban core has expanded. Additional information needs to be taken into account on a regular basis, he said.

“Last year we didn’t have scooters. Last year with didn’t have the Railyard. Now we have the Railyard,” Davis said.

Improving downtown’s traffic flow is being studied to enhance the safety of pedestrians and drivers, said Nick Massey, city councilman.

Massey said economic expansion benefits with proper coordination, and he suggested the city finishes the downtown traffic study before concluding what needs to happen with downtown parking.

“I’d hate to see us do a plan and then part of it isn’t valid because we didn’t anticipate if we were going to have traffic go this way or that way,” Massey said.

Councilman Josh Moore said he favors a working model approach in resolving parking issues. A living document is needed to process change, he said.

“I would love to see it be somewhat of a format — somewhat of a model — that can be continued to be used and easily updated to where it wouldn’t look as if we were starting from scratch,” Moore said.

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