The speed limit at Covell Road will not exceed 45 mph according to design plans.

Intersection and roadway improvements in and around the intersection of Covell Road and Coltrane were discussed at an Edmond City Council workshop on Monday. Discussions also involved the Covell Road widening project from east of Broadway to east of Coltrane.

City Councilman Josh Moore said his constituency has said they want the work on Covell expedited as soon as possible. The traffic backs up every day during rush hours, he said.

The design is complete from Griffin Drive to Fairfax Boulevard with all easements acquired for the roadway, said Steve Manek, city engineer.

“We have actually turned both AT&T and OG&E loose to start moving their utilities,” Manek said. “There’s some poles and some protruding situations out there they are looking at relocating.”

The city will move forward with a bidding of the project once the relocation work is completed within three to six months. Additionally, the city must pay to move the utilities because AT&T and OG&E were there first.

Manek and his staff met with Urban Forester Ryan Ochsner and the project’s design engineer to discuss two areas to landscape the medians on the short section of roadway. Engineering plans for the medians are 95% complete, Manek said.

From the main entrance of Fairfax is a 400-500 foot long area conducive for trees and irrigation. Landscaping will also take place in the median at the top of Lamond Hill to Augusta Farms.

“Back to the east the median is so small. We have a left turn lane coming back to the neighborhood,” Manek said. “And then we have a left turn lane going into the Fairfax neighborhood.”

No right turn lanes are proposed in the section. A left-turn signal light will be placed at the Fairfax entrance at Griffin Boulevard at the Lakes of Cross Timbers where the future phase of 300-400 lots will be built, Manek said.

“That actually ties into Danforth once they’re done, so we will have some good connectivity between neighborhoods between the Lakes of Cross Timbers and Town Square,” Manek said.

O’Neil was pleased with the additional connectivity change made since the last meeting. Ten-foot trails will be on both sides of Covell. No land is being taken from the golf course because a water line will go through the golf course, Manek said.

The goal has been to add 10-foot wide multipurpose trails on both sides of Covell. Manek said some areas will be challenging for the width of the trail, and may be limited to 6-8 feet when surveying the areas are completed for design. 

“If we need more green space I can build retaining walls and leave some of that green. We’ll just have an increased cost,” Manek told O’Neil.

The $25 million for the overall project does not include engineering costs. Assistant City Manager Steve Commons said the debt can be financed.

“If you’re going 55 and you want to stop, it’s going to take another 150 to 200 feet to make that happen,” Manek explained.

Manek said the road is being designed for a maximum of 45 mph due to safety and affordability, Manek told Mayor Dan O’Neil. The priority is to get the traffic moving smoothly, City Councilman Nick Massey said.

“Let’s get the engineering done,” Massey said about deciding the time table for constructing the rest of the project beyond the intersection of Covell and Coltrane.

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