Watch for up-to-date information applying to COVID-19 and the Edmond School District’s decisions regarding it on the district’s website.

Information is being continually updated concerning COVID-19 and EPS decisions.

Public Information Officer Susan Parks Schlepp said information being released by the school district is changing hour by hour.

“Our curriculum staff had a meeting and the decision was made to post a Dashboard going up Wednesday to keep parents and students informed as to what is happening in the district.”

A document will also be sent out on the website Wednesday trying to answer the most frequently asked questions by patrons. 

The questions will be answered by the person most knowledgeable in the field that applies to the question, Parks-Schlepp added.

“Keep informed by going to the district’s website,” Parks-Schlepp said. 

The Edmond Sun will also have stories on the school’s decisions.

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