Credit card investigation

Jeremiah Hollis, Porsha McCarter, and Lakisha Pace were taken into custody by Edmond Police during a credit card fraud investigation.








EDMOND — Police have booked one man and two women from Arkansas on charges of credit card fraud. On Nov. 25 police arrested Jeremiah Hollis, Jr., 25; Porsha Lashea McCarter, 33, and Lakisha Moenique Pace, 27.

“In total, approximately $10,958 was fraudulently spent,” said Edmond Officer Aaron London in his report.

Police emailed officers a photo of a vehicle and three suspects thought to be involved credit card fraud that day between 10-11 a.m., Nov. 21. At 12:45 p.m. Officer Aaron London noticed a gold Cadillac fitting the vehicle description stopped beside him southbound at 33rd Street and Broadway, according to the report. London stated he activated his emergency siren and stopped the driver in the parking lot of Discount Tires.

“I then contacted the driver, and immediately noticed he was wearing a pair of yellow shorts underneath his black jogging pants. I could also see the rear passenger and confirmed she was wearing the same type of headwear as the suspect in the photo,” London continued.

At first Hollis denied he had been to Target earlier in the day, but later said he was there but stayed in the vehicle while the others went inside the store, London reported.

Sgt. Gregg Jaggi handcuffed Hollis, searching him and found a Target Visa gift card in his pocket, London reported. When questioned Pace and McCarter denied being at a Target.

London told McCarter that she was on video at Target making purchases, but Pace denied ever being at Target or Walmart that day, the officer reported.

“Sgt. Miller advised that one of the victims had their credit card used at Walmart for a total of $504.94,” London noted.

A search of the Cadillac located a stack of gift cards from Walmart and Target in the trunk and underneath the carpet. London stated he also located a Walmart sack with a dated receipt showing the purchase of gift cards.

“In the trunk of the vehicle was a large Target sack that had new clothes that still had the tags on them. I also located an empty Walmart sack that had a receipt from Rockwall, Texas, dated 11/20/19 and showed the purchase of $1,500 worth of gift cards,” London said in his report. “I seized all the property related to the incident and transported it back to the station.”

The subjects were taken into custody.

London stated he sorted through the clothing taken from Walmart and Target. He noted finding a small baggie of marijuana, more gift cards from Walmart and Target, and 1 1/2 pills of Xanax. He sent those items to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations for analysis. Target at Quail Springs provided the officer a Newport cigarette box that was left behind by the suspects.

Inside he located all the stolen credit cards belonging to five victims, London stated.

“The suspects first went to the Walmart located at 1225 W. I-35 Frontage Rd., where they purchased $4,544.46 in merchandise, mainly $500 gift cards,” London explained.

“Jeremiah can be seen on video purchasing gift cards and using credit cards to compete the purchase. Lakisha can also be seen going to the customer service desk and making purchases. In the video, she is wearing a black stocking hat. Jeremiah then comes to the customer service desk and attempts to purchase gift cards, but is unable to do so, so Lakisha then joins him and makes the purchase,” London stated.

According to police, the accused went to the Target located at 1200 E. Second Street, where the three subjects went into the store.

“Lakisha and Porsha are seen on the video going to the self-checkout terminals and purchasing gift cards,” London continued. “Lakisha attempted to purchase $1,442 in merchandise, but when the cashier asked for her ID, she said she didn’t have it and the transaction was canceled. Porsha was able to complete her transaction for $824.”

Further activity by the accused involved Target (13924 N. Pennsylvania). In the Target (Quail Springs) video, it shows Lakisha and Porsha inside the store, using the self-checkout terminals purchasing gift cards. The video also shows Porsha discarding the cigarette pack, once a Target employee comes to her terminal to help her check out. Once the suspects leave, they leave the cigarette pack behind, where it was recovered and turned in by employees. The total spent at the store was $1,172, according to police.

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