Credit card skimmers found on Edmond gas pumps

Edmond Police have discovered credit card skimmers on multiple gas pumps in the city.

Two incidents of fraudulent charges on credit cards were reported to Edmond Police Wednesday.

“The similarity of the victims is that they have both used the (Circle K) gas stations at 15th and I-35,” Edmond Police Department spokeswoman Jenny Wagnon said Wednesday. “So our detective who is in charge of that type of crime called out there to the gas station to have them look and they said they were in the middle of actually switching out their pumps this morning.”

The detective found three skimmers on the pumps at the Circle K at 15th Street and Interstate 35 when he investigated the scene Wednesday, Wagon said. Police removed the card skimmers, she added.

In the past year the Edmond Police Department has located credit card skimmers at Circle K at Edmond Road and Santa Fe, Circle K at 15th and Broadway, Circle K at 33rd and Boulevard and a Shell station located at Danforth and Bryant. The Shell gas station does not exist anymore, said Wagnon.

At this point, police do not know the identity of the criminals who perpetrated the crimes.

“We have the physical skimmers. We will send them to OSBI and have them see if there’s fingerprints or any DNA on them,” Wagnon said.

One victim used that pump March 24, according to police.

“It’s a group that knows what they’re doing,” she said.

Wagnon said the Edmond Police Department encourages anyone who has purchased gas at this station recently to watch their bank account closely and come make a police report if there is fraudulent activity.