An Edmond couple are the victims of debit card fraud, according to Edmond Police. Detectives ask the public for information regarding the suspect in this photo.

Edmond Police want to question a male suspect regarding debit card fraud.

Police Officer Brian Glenn responded to a fraud incident at about 8:30 p.m. Oct. 18,  at the 7-11 Convenience Store, 1130 N. Kelly.

Glenn made contact with the victim who stated that he was at home sitting around when he got a notification on his phone from his bank that his debit card had been used twice at the 7-11, Glenn stated in his report. One for $19.13 and another for $58.99, he added.

“The wallet was stolen out of the victim’s purse and used twice at 7-Eleven. Once at the gas pump and once inside the store,” said Jenny Wagnon, Edmond Police spokeswoman. “Photos show a male wearing a black hat, black shirt, and red shorts, and is driving a small two door car.”

The adult male victim reported he drove with his wife to the store and contacted the clerk on duty who gave him one of the transaction receipts for $19.13 made at 8:01 p.m.

“The victim said he never comes to this 7-11 and that he just got his new Bank of America card within the past 10 days,” Glenn noted. “Then he showed me on his phone the other transaction for $58.99.”

Although he had his debit card, the victim stated to Edmond Police he believed someone had skimmed his card number. His wife reported a missing wallet from her purse, and she feared someone stole it, Glenn stated.

Police said the investigation is ongoing.