Kobe Nhin

Kobe Nhin writes, self publishes book to help others remain calm under pressure.

He’s 14 and he’s already accomplished what many only dream. Edmond middle-schooler, Kobe Nhin has written and will be self-publishing a book on Amazon titled, “How to Win Wimbledon in Pajamas.”

The book is available for pre-order and will be released on May 14. He’s only four days into his Kickstarter campaign and is 87% funded. He was presented a co-op book deal from two different publishers but chose to self-publish.

Nhin cleverly presents five mental tips that help you conquer performance anxiety, self doubt, and frustration. The 32-page children’s book focuses on building mental toughness through strategies and techniques that help us remain calm under pressure. “Our goal is to help all performers from sports players to future business leaders to reach their potential during high-pressure situations,” Kobe said.

The story from “How to Win Wimbledon in Pajamas” took Kobe a few months to write, despite maintaining his National Junior Honor Society status and juggling a competitive tennis schedule that includes two tournaments a month. His mother helped him refine his ideas and is listed as a co-author.

Kobe points to his own struggles as a particular source of inspiration for his book. He has played competitive tennis since he was 10 years old. In the beginning, he won a lot but then as he reached new levels and it became more and more difficult to close out matches. Kobe went through a phase where he was losing the really tight matches.

He began researching mental toughness through books, took a course to help him develop necessary skills, and took time to work with coaches to overcome his plateau. The investment paid off. He started winning again, but more importantly the love of the sport came back to him. He enjoyed playing after learning how to be calm and carefree.

Kobe was motivated to help others overcome their own self-limiting beliefs during a high school course he took during eighth grade. The course required Kobe to write a research paper. He chose the subject of finding the zone and increasing mental toughness so that he could further his understanding of key concepts. From his research and from what he had learned firsthand on the court, he wrote “How to Win Wimbledon in Pajamas.” The children’s book is the first in a series on mental toughness Nhin has planned. He is currently writing the next books in the mental toughness series, “How to Win the World Cup in Pajamas” and “How to Win the Masters Barefoot.”


His goals for this book series include: 

• Encourage a growth mindset: We believe it is important for kids to develop intrinsic motivation and autonomy through the development of long-term goals. Setting our sights on performance goals, rather than outcome goals provide a basis for long-term satisfaction. We hope these books give children a love for battling new challenges and that they grow up eager to explore what this big, beautiful world has to offer.

• Cultivate kids' self-confidence: We believe it is important for kids to learn how to practice positive self-talk and positive body language. The more they understand that even mistakes and failures teach us, the more they can focus on celebrating their journey, mistakes and all. Our books will teach kids to be courageous enough to take risks and trust that the dots will someday connect. We want to teach kids how it feels to be scared and brave all at once, and how to move past fear and learn to jump.

• Increase kids’ focus and attention: We all get side-tracked and that's why it's important to have rituals to reset oneself. Our hope is that these stories will help kids get back on track and focus on the task at hand. Life itself is overwhelming. We want to help kids see that everyone faces hurdles and that we can stay focused with habits and mantras.

• Develop perseverance and grit: Setbacks and failures teach us how to be graceful in the face of adversity. The books aim to encourage diligence and a hard work ethic.

“We believe this book fills a huge gap in children’s literature to help prepare children mentally when pressure and anxiety build up,” said Mary Nhin, co-author.

It cost Kobe about $5,000 to publish his first book, which he paid with his own money. His Kickstarter campaign to raise additional funds will run until May 14 when his book releases on Amazon.

“I’ve never been to Wimbledon before but I go there in my head sometimes when I’m visualizing my strokes and strategies. I’d like to go there one day,” Kobe said.

The ambitious teen has a lot more stories to tell. He is receiving editing for books two and three of the “Mental Toughness” series and has several other books swirling around in his mind.

To pre-order his book, visit the kickstarter website at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mentaltoughness1/how-to-win-wimbledon-in-pajamas-mental-toughness-f?ref=6pobjt.

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