Nicholas Castleman

Nicholas Castleman

Edmond Police arrested Nicholas Nolan Castleman, 30, of Edmond, on a charge of second degree burglary and two counts of receiving stolen property after a call Monday, Jan. 20, at 130 N. Broadway.

Officer Dillon Dennis was dispatched at about 6:15 a.m. in reference to a burglary.

“Once Officers and I arrived on scene we were able to clear the business and observed the door to have been jimmied opened,” Dennis said in the police report.

Security footage shows Castleman trying to make entry to the business

“While I as on scene with (the victim) he was able to confirm these items were taken; four iMac computers totalling $12,000, Dell Monitor $400, Sony FS5ii video camera $5,700, and three security cameras listed as $450. In addition, the victim emailed police a few more items that were stolen.

Evening shift officers, Christoper McAloon and Denton Scherman, were later on a suspicious subject call at Christopher Place Apartments where on scene they contacted the suspicious subject, who was identified as Castleman. 

The officers recognized Castleman from the photos that were emailed, according to police. Dennis said they were able to confirm he was the suspect from the burglary at 130 N. Broadway. Castleman was detained. Meanwhile a witness told McAloon that Castleman had been walking around the complex following women and was carrying a box that he later placed in front of her apartment, Dennis stated.

“The Box contained a drone and various parts, the Sony FS5ii video camera, the three Canary security cameras, iMac Mouse, iMac Keyboard, and iMac Magic Track Pad all belonging to (the victim). These items all together are approximately $7,930,” Dennis noted.

When Castleman was patted down, an ASUS Chrome book laptop was in his coat pocket with an Edmond Public Schools Property label on it, Dennis continued. Castleman stated it was his, according to police.

Officers were able to locate one of the iMac Computers and the Dell Monitor.

Police also located the Canary Security cameras, box of drone equipment and drone, an iMac Computer, Sony FS5ii video camera, Dell Monitor, iMac Magic Track Pad, iMac Mouse, and iMac Keyboard.

“Items that are still missing have been listed in NCIC that I was able to acquire a serial number for. List of items and their NIC numbers; iMac Pro-A925916299, iMac-A735929101, iMac-A105939136, iPhone-A815919805. Items still missing that I was unable to acquire a serial number for; Tascam TH-03 headphones, 2 Samsung Portable SSD, 128GB Class u3 SD Card, and a Google Home Mini,” Dennis stated.

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