EPD scam suspect

A scam suspect was arrested after an investigation by Edmond Police Department, United Parcel Service, and local authorities in New Jersey.

Police say an Edmond woman became the victim of a scam after she sent $22,500 through United Parcel Service to a person claiming to be with the FBI.

Officer Dillon Roberts reported that soon after 6 p.m. Monday, Sept. 9, he spoke with the victim who reported she received a call by a man going by the name Alan Hall.

“Alan advised he was with the FBI and told her that in El Paso a car had been found with drugs and blood inside of it,” Roberts stated.

Police say that Alan told the victim that the vehicle was in her name. The perpetrator continued by advising the victim that she had been a victim of social security fraud and that she was at risk of the government seizing her assets, Roberts continued.

The suspect (Alan) notified the victim that she must send $22,500 in cash via the UPS, Roberts added.

“The victim said that when she got the money she was instructed to contact the phone number again … and spoke with a subject claiming to be with the DEA,” Roberts stated.

The victim reported that she was instructed to go to UPS, buy a box, foil and magazines, and wrap the money in foil with magazines and tape it up, Roberts noted.

Meanwhile the victim mailed the package to a Monroe township New Jersey address and later realized she was scammed, Roberts stated in the report. The victims told police that UPS notified her they would attempt to stop the package, Roberts reported.

“Edmond detectives worked with UPS and the local authorities in New Jersey to create a fake shipping label,” stated Emily Ward, Edmond Police spokeswoman. “When the suspect arrived at UPS in New Jersey to pick up the package of money, they were arrested on site. 

“Detectives see these kinds of scams pop up almost weekly. In most cases the resolution is not as positive as this one. Law enforcement agencies will never ask for money or gift cards over the phone. EPD urges residents to contact their local law enforcement agency if they feel they are being targeted.”

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