Color shines bright at the Pederson household

Margaret and Paul Pederson in far northeast Edmond possess a passion for color and beauty in a property.

This week’s Edmond Beautiful pick for Yard of the Week is in Hampton Hollow. The new neighborhood is located east of I-35 near Covell and Air Depot. Paul and Margaret Pedersen, who live at 5809 Great Hampden Road, moved to Edmond from Luther six years ago to downsize from a larger property.

When asked who is the gardener of this beautifully kept yard, Margaret quickly responded, “ . . . gardening is Paul’s passion and he is responsible for all the beauty, color and work that goes into the yard.”

In addition to gardening Paul also volunteers at a local food pantry.

As you approach the home from the driveway, an explosion of color greets you as you take in the flowerbed overflowing with beauty brilliant fuchsia moss rose. Three small, evergreen boxwoods under the window and two neatly trimmed hollies — centered on either side of the window — add height and texture to this sunny bed.

The mass of fuchsia moss rose continues to parallel the curving walkway leading to an expanding flowerbed and the front door on the left side of the home. Plantings of two burning bush shrubs and a Japanese maple, with leaves already beginning to turn bronze-red, “show off” as they tease with a promise for an even more brilliant burst of color this fall.

Boxwoods, white Hydrangea and Dianthus live happily together among several large native rocks discreetly placed nearby. More interesting plantings of colorful sun-loving pink Peonies, Tam Juniper, dwarf Goldmound spirea, Periwinkle and Nandina complete this large, curving flowerbed.

On the porch to the right of the entryway, a wood-and-iron garden bench is advantageously placed for enjoying the mixed plantings of tall shade-loving caladiums in red and green, pink and green and green and white. The tall caladiums create a perfect backdrop for an unexpected explosion of color from flowerpots overflowing with fuscia mandevilla, magenta geraniums, and petunia in two shades of dark and light pink.

Continuing to the right of the entrance, more fuchsia moss rose leads your eyes to a young white hydrangea shaded by a Nandina and plantings of pink Peonies, dwarf Nandina, Tam Juniper among more large native rocks. A stand of vibrant green Yews under the window share space with a vigorous Red Tip Photinia and a Sky Rocket Holly, creating closure to this attractive flowerbed.

A very healthy red maple, that survived the spring ice storm, and a handsome Lacebark elm, with its brownish-orange mottled bark, provide much-needed shade, beautiful fall color and add height and balance to this perfectly landscaped yard.

Near the street, an oblong flowerbed containing a natural stone flowerpot is planted with pink and red Pentas and purple-blue Scaevola, commonly known as fan flower. Yellow and orange lantana is nestled beside the pot among two very large native rocks and two lime green sweet potato vines.