For 18 years fifth-grade students at Chisholm Elementary have been lining the classroom hallways, cafeteria and library for the presentation of their Living History Museum.

This year about 100 students drew names of historical characters, researched their character, wrote and memorized a speech about their person, dressed up in period clothing and then presented their story when guests “pushed their button” causing the character to come to life.

Some used props while others spoke with accents to the delight of parents and grandparents showing up for Fifth Grade Open House recently.

The fifth-graders also presented a colonial dance for the evening’s visitors.

“It is amazing how the students become their characters,” said fifth-grade teacher Amy Schulke.

Other teachers participating in the evening’s museum were Stephanie Argo, Kristy Bradley and Kristin Linholm with the support of the school’s parents, faculty and administrators.

“This is such a wonderful example of taking the whole curriculum and using it in a cross-curricular activity,” Schulke said.