What’s new at Cimarron this year you ask? This year in the Edmond Public School District they have been making some changes in the lunch program. Today’s society of children has been eating tons of junk food. Many local school cafeterias are changing what they’re serving to their students. Not only are they changing food, but they also are encouraging students at Cimarron to exercise more and more.

More than 80 percent of schools in the United States purchase food treated with toxic pesticides. Oklahoma schools are encouraged to buy locally grown organic fruits and vegetables. Now at Cimarron, the cafeteria staff is serving more salads, fruit choices, healthy juices and less fried food. The healthier food choices are not just in the lunch line, but also in the vending machines. Less sweet snacks are offered. The menu includes more whole wheat chips and crackers.

Beverages are changing also. Now, only diet sodas are offered at the vending machines. More water, juices and sports drinks are offered also.

Eighth-grader Taylor Scott said, “These new choices are a very good way to help keep us healthy.” Many students like Taylor are enjoying the newer and healthier choices.

During recess, students at Cimarron used to stand around and talk to their friends. Now students are strongly encouraged to take a lap around Cimarron’s outdoor walking track at recess instead. It’s a good way to give us some exercise at school.

“Walking the track after lunch is healthy for us,” said Taylor Nashert.

It keeps the students energized and more focused for classes throughout the day. The sixth-grade students are now welcomed into a healthier and more excised focused school. It’s a great way for them to start their middle school years and a great way for eighth-graders to end theirs.

Schools are looking at a healthier approach to food and exercise. Students will not only benefit at Cimarron, but at all Edmond Public Schools that are taking this approach for students to have a healthier lifestyle overall.

CLASS ACTS is a weekly feature written by middle school students.

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