Edmond Public Schools Board of Education members voted recently on proposed operating goals for the coming school year and draft revisions on inter-district student transfers.

There were five items discussed at the board’s June 25 planning session identified by the board members as District Annual Operating Goals for 2013-14.

The first was a Long-Range Facilities Plan in preparation for the August 2014 Bond Issue. Included was communicating a clear vision to optimize students’ learning and participation and to ensure an opportunity for public input and feedback.

Second, the board voted to address tornado safe room shelter space in district schools.

“We have to look at each school individually,” said Assistant Superintendent of Building Operations Bret Towne. “As we build new schools we are including shelters.” With more than a third of the schools having shelters, Towne added anything built as an add-on to an existing school must serve a dual purpose.

Third, board members voted to continue community partnerships/communication by the complete rebuilding of the school district’s website.

Superintendent David Goin said the website needs to be easily navigated as well as easy to update content quality and updates, perhaps best done with the hiring of a district “webmaster.”

Fourth, board members voted to continue collaborative environments and communication within the schools with the utilization of surveys as means of obtaining feedback and ideas from teachers to enhance school improvement efforts.

Lastly, members agreed to continue academic progress through collaboration by a re-engagement of the 2012-13 Ad Hoc Late Start/Early Committee to identify and give consideration to possible means of providing collaboration time for elementary teams and to report back to the board with possible recommendations by May 2014.

Edmond Board of Education members voted on draft revisions on four policies last week. One policy deals with inter-district student transfers. The wording of the 13-page policy was reduced to one page.

Because Edmond residents support and pass bond projects to address facility and equipment needs of the student population, the board voted it would be inappropriate to accept transfers from out-of-district students.

The policy of the Edmond Public Schools Board of Education is to not approve out-of-district transfer requests except to Oakdale students who are entitled by law to attend Edmond Public Schools upon entry into their freshman year of high school.


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