Redbud Elementary

Construction on Redbud Elementary is scheduled to begin later this month. It will be Edmond’s 18th elementary, and the school’s opening is slated to be in August 2021.

Edmond’s newest elementary schools, Redbud and Scissortail, are scheduled to open in August 2021.

Construction will begin at Redbud Elementary later this month, said Chief Operations Officer Justin Coffelt. Redbud will join the 17 other district elementary schools next year at an approximate cost of $21 million. Lippert Brothers is the contractor, and The Stacy Group has been the architect for the project. 

The site is located on the southeast corner of Douglas and Coffee Creek Road, east of U.S. Interstate 35. It is the first school the district has constructed east of the highway. 

“Redbud was a component of the 2019 bond issue,” Coffelt said.

The theme for Redbud was originated by Cathey Bugg, principal at Heritage. 

“It will center around the transition of a seed to a tree, similar to how our students grow from the time they enter elementary school,” Bugg said. 

The exterior has touches of wood paneling (metal) to incorporate earth tones, also the color scheme is green (representing the earth), blue (representing water), yellow (representing the sun), and purple ( the blooms of redbud trees), Coffelt said.

The students, parents, and staff have been involved in selecting mascots at Frontier and Heritage elementary schools, Coffelt added, “and I would anticipate the same for Redbud.”



Scissortale Elementary, also scheduled for an August 2021 opening, is being designed by The Stacy Group of Edmond and will be constructed southwest of the intersection of N.W. 150th St. and N. Pennsylvania Ave., adjacent to Epworth Villa. 

At this time bids have not been sent out to prospective contractors, although the board has approved the preliminary rendering for the school.

This school will help to offset the considerable growth at other elementary schools in the southwest quadrant of the district.



The district has also discussed the construction of a fourth high school which will be located at Air Depot and Covell. The construction timeline for the fourth high school has not been determined and depends on growth patterns in the district as well as the passage of future bond issues.

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