OCS Elementary

Construction will begin on the new Oklahoma Christian elementary school. The elementary school’s exterior will have a mixture of brick and stone with metal accents. 

The Edmond Planning Commission approved the site plan for a new Oklahoma Christian elementary school, located on the southeast corner of Second Street and U.S. Interstate 35. The vote was 4-0 for the request made by the Broadway Development Group.

City Planner Randy Entz said the site is zoned for agriculture. Current zoning on the campus of OCS also includes a planned unit development. It is part of the I-35 District, Entz said.

“The new building sits to the northwest of the existing building,” Entz continued.

The elementary school’s exterior will have a mixture of brick and stone with metal accents. Part of the 71,000-square-foot building will be two stories at 36 feet in height, Entz said.

Twenty-seven classrooms, a gymnasium, stage, kitchen and cafeteria, music room, and administrative and business offices will complete the project.

“The site plan includes 109 parking spaces, and access will be from private drives on East Second Street. The landscape is compliant and no variances are requested,” Entz said.

Clay Coldiron, managing partner of the Broadway Development Group, said the design team was able to plan a walkout structure. The high-side north elevation will offer a walk-in entrance to compliment a walk-in entrance on the south side of the project.

Space for a fenced playground is on the south side of the building. Traffic circulation will be at parking lot to the north of the elementary school. The Broadway Group has focused intently on making room for the traffic lane, he said.

“OCS is unique in the sense that we don’t have a bus program,” Coldiron said. “All of our students are dropped off and picked up by parents, grandparents, spouses or friends.”

No further action on this item is necessary by the city.

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