Cheyenne Middle School parents recently went back in time to their sixth-grade year.

Parents spent the day shadowing their children on Parent Shadow Day, where parents were given the opportunity to experience their sixth-grade child’s entire school day.

“It’s good to have the parents walk through their child’s schedule to see how their day is laid out. This basically gives them a visual to how their child’s day goes,” said Thomas Higdon, Cheyenne’s assistant principal.

On a normal day, parents drop their children off by 8 a.m.; but on this particular day, they walked in side by side with their sons and daughters.

Kacy Harsha, Cheyenne’s vice principal, enjoys having Parent Shadow Day.

“It is a great time for parents to connect with the school and for the school to connect with the parents.”

Parent Shadow Day was a way for students to show off what they have learned in the past few weeks. In Margaret Ogle’s English class, the students and parents participated in a challenging vocabulary bee. This activity tested how much the parents remembered from their middle-school years.

“Many parents had forgotten how hard it was to be a sixth-grader,” Ogle said.

In Stacy Jackson’s enrichment class, the students and parents worked together in an archeology dig. This gave parents the opportunity to have some hands-on learning with their children.

In Rebecca Sutter’s class the students were able to show their parents Cheyenne’s media center. Following their regular routine, the students checked out books and read with their parents.

Not only did the parents get the opportunity to participate in activities with their children, but they also experienced lunch in the cafeteria and had a chance to get to know their child’s teachers.

The teachers enjoyed getting to know the parents, too.

“It was great that parents got to see what their child does everyday. The kids enjoyed showing everything off, as well,” said sixth-grade teacher Ball.

JORDAN NIX, Mariana Sposito and Paige Zellner are Cheyenne Middle School students. This is a weekly feature written by students.

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