First-graders at Chisholm Elementary sang a few Disney favorites, including “Winnie the Pooh” and “When You Wish Upon A Star” in their Friday performance of “Pooh’s Clues.”

“There’s a new Winnie the Pooh and it includes Darby, the sleuth,” said Jennifer Colley, music teacher. “We want them to succeed and have a program they enjoy doing.”

The program began as Winnie the Pooh and friends tried to help Darby, a sleuth, solve small mysteries. Chisholm teachers played the voices of the characters. In between narrations, students danced and sang.

“I liked the butterfly song and ‘When You Wish Upon a Star,” said Chloe Seeshotlz.

Colley said the students have been excited about this particular program.

“They were amazing. It was a wonderful performance. They kept their eyes on me and sang their hearts out,” she said.

Each class learned choreography to a different song during their Physical Education classes.

Linda Perkins, P.E. teacher, said she looked for movement that would use motor skills that were developmentally appropriate. During one song, girls fluttered around as butterflies as boys chased them and tried to catch them in their nets. In another, students acted as raindrops and danced with umbrellas.

“All the children got to do all the movement,” Perkins said. “They’re learning musical cues.”

She said they also are learning to focus their attention and listen.

“It was pretty much fun,” said Abigail Wallace, a first-grader.

Wallace said learning to sing is important because “you’ll get a little bit smarter.”

Jasmine Haulsey, a first-grader, said she enjoyed being a raindrop. She said singing the song about Piglet was tough.

First-grader Jake Swisher said he enjoyed “Star Light, Star Bright.”

“We held flashlights and shined them on the parachute and made it colorful,” he said.

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